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My wife and I dated for 1 year, before we got engaged in 2014, and got married. We have the best relationship a couple could ask for.
Some of you are probably saying: “Call me in 10 years…”

In 1781, in South Carolina, a “Bill of Sale” of a “Wife and Property” for “Two Dollars and half Dozen Bowls of Grogg”, the buyer “to have my said Wife for ever and a Day”, is, according to Richard B. Morris, “unique of its kind”. According to Morris, “although the administration of the law was in a somewhat unsettled state during this [“British”] military occupation [of Charleston], neither at common law nor under the marriage laws then in force in South Carolina would the sale of a wife have been valid”. – According to Wikipedia

Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife more than anything in the world. So, why the hell would I consider selling her?

It all began when I discovered my passion for photography and the fact that I was pretty good at it – taking pictures.
After my wife and I, before we got married, moved together to a small apartment in Hollywood I wanted to invest some money in buying a professional DSLR (Digital SLR) camera in order to start printing my photographs on a large scale. You see, the images I got with my previous camera (Pentax k-r) were pretty good, buy I didn’t feel I could print them and sell them. I wasn’t confident enough. After buying my first Nikon (D800e) everything changed. The photos had more depth, came out sharper and I could print them BIG, in case one day I’ll want to present them in a gallery (which I did. But that’s a different story). What happened? I think that I just got more confident and that’s why my work became better.

A few months after we moved to Hollywood, I got myself a pretty crappy strobe kit from Amazon (I won’t mention their name but you can ask me privately) and I wanted to test them as soon as possible. I never shot with strobes before. It was my first time. Ever! Can you imagine the excitement and rush I felt?

I set up 3 lights in the small living room and was ready to play around. Fortunately my wife was home, and who’s better modeling for me than my wife?! Sandra Bullock was pretty busy… Just kidding!

“Do I have to?” she said while on the phone. “Yes. You can keep focusing on your phone. Just sit here” I said, trying to convince her. She doesn’t really like test-posing for me because she gets bored.

But that’s not why I considered selling my wife!

I was like a child with his new toy train. I changed the light settings many times and camera settings, tried different lenses, black backdrop, white backdrop… Gosh she’s probably so over it!
“Ok. One more picture and we’re done” I said to her. She raised her head up, away from her phone, and looked to my right. It was such an honest, natural and beautiful look! For a second there, I saw everything we’ve been through since the day we met, through her mesmerizing blue eyes. I could feel her deep thoughts about past, present and future. I saw us laughing and having fun. I saw us arguing about stupid little things. I saw our future, getting old together!

In that very little second I have experienced, once again, the first time I looked into her eyes and fell in love!
Click! The moment was captured!
Since I put my best photos for sale I decided that this photo of my wife, the most important person in the world, is my best photo – ever!

That’s when I considered selling my wife. I have made a decision to make this picture limited to only 2 copies. One for us (my wife and I) and one for someone in the world that can relate to that 1 little second I experienced before pressing the shutter release.

No one in the whole universe can ever capture the same picture. Not even me!

If you are a that collector, somewhere out there, you can purchase this photograph for the small price of $7,500,000. I know it’s a little over Peter Lik’s photograph “Phantom” but it really is a small price.

Why? Because my wife is, simply put – priceless!

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