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Universe Guardian

by Anthony Million

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I had the chance to take this picture last year during the Milky Way season. I head up there with a clear idea of what and how to shoot this image. I was just a bit nervous as the weather forecast was pretty uncertain but finally it came up better as expected!

The eagle head rock was really inspiring, giving a kind of magic and eerie to this spot. My first thought, when I discovered this spot for the first time, was to find out a way to reinforce the mystical feeling of this location. Adding the Milky Way into the frame was almost evidence then to display this ‘rocky monster’ as the “Universe Guardian”.

Luckily, the Milky Way is perfectly aligned with the eagle head rock during a specific time frame of the year, which makes possible to switch the ‘idea’ to real image. I was not thinking of adding me to the frame to be very honest but when I was out photographing, I was decided to do selfie to give more scale to the frame. Moreover, it really shows my admiration in front of the ‘monster’ within the Milky Way on the background. I was like transported in a fairy world where giant eagles are the universe keeper.

This photograph is a blend of two exposure (one for the milky way plus one of the foreground) taken with a Sony A7R paired with Canon 16-35mm f2.8. Pre editing was done with Lr and main editing with PS CS 06.

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