Unicorn of Landscape

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Allan Pudlitzke, Photographer / Writer

There is something to be said about the waterfall. One of the most majestic scenes you can capture with a camera. Some photographers strive to capture their beauty with long-exposure photographs, creating smooth, creamy textures of fluidity. Others take the gritty and rigid approach trying to catch the movement of water in the moment, thus a fiercer and more aggressive display of Mother Nature. Whatever the technique, the surreal sound and force of a waterfall almost gives you an understanding of how soothing and destructive Mother Nature can be in a single moment. I‘d like to think of waterfalls as fingerprints, with no two being exactly the same. Sure, some may have similar characteristics, general shapes and flows, but no two are really identical.

Wakanee Wide
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Wakanee Wide

Photo by Allan Pudlitzke

Tiered crevasses formed through the geological history of our planet lie host to millions of gallons of fresh water streams cascading further and further to sea level elevations. Surging falls crash into pools and rock basins, creating hazes of mist, capturing particles of light playing host to vibrant rainbows. So why do we love waterfalls? Maybe it is the serenity created by the scene of something so unique, so extravagant, that the moment becomes personal. As with each waterfall sharing the same sources, we as photographers share the same planet, same resources, and same surroundings to create our individuality. It is not necessarily the object that creates the scene, it is a moment being captured, and we all view it differently from one another. Waterfalls, unicorns of the landscape, fueling the imagination, and powering the creativity of the scene.

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