Landscape Photography Tips and Tricks

3 Easy Landscape Photography Tips From the Pros photo by Allan Pudlitzke ; Landscape photographs are one of the most popular subject among photographers all over the world, but creating stunning images that will inspire viewers and bring up emotions is not always...

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Photoshop Tips – Simple Yet Powerful

Simple Yet Powerful Photoshop Tips and Tricks from NOTINDOOR #1 – Merging All Visible Layers to One New Layer If you are working with a lot of layers you know by now that a clutter is almost inevitable, so why not make life a little easier? Merging all visible...

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Capture The Drama – Allan Pudlitzke

by Allan Pudlitzke Sometimes what we visualize in our shot doesn’t always come out in the camera the way we anticipated. I love the look of a dramatic photo, edited or not. Whether it be the tone, subject or the surrounding that creates the sense of drama in the...

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Making Miniatures on the Cheap!

So lets face it, most of us have seen those cool time lapse videos or photos with that really cool miniature effect. Those outstanding photos with a lot going on in the frame that seem to have this great selective focus on a few or many particular objects giving them...

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3 Steps to Making Any Photo Look 10 Times Better

Many times when you go out and about to capture some new landscape photos, to add into your collection, you see nature in it’s beauty, just waiting for you to take a picture before the sight is gone. Why will the sight be gone? Weather, sunlight, moonlight,...

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A Step by Step How To – Creating Levitation Photos

Levitation photos are a fun thing to do. They can transform your imaginary ideas to reality – sort of. Knowing how to create levitation photographs will widen your world and let you come up with so many different projects that can: look cool, have powerful...

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5 Photo Naming Tips for Photographers

When deciding what to name your photograph, the number one most important thing to think about will always be how you feel. What did you think when you were taking it? How do you want your audience to feel when looking at it? What kind of emotions do you want it to...

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Perfect Focus In The Dark For Less Than $5

Have you ever found yourself wandering out in the dark of the night to capture some nightscapes? Besides overcoming the urge to stay in bed, acquiring focus for tack-sharp images in a completely dark surrounding is one of the greatest challenges in nightscape...

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How To Make A “Dotscape” Using Photoshop CC

Conventional landscape and fine art photography can sometimes seem a little dull, boring, over-familiar, repetitive, etc.  Why limiting yourself to just that? Use a very simple but effective technique to achieve a different look to your shots. Start being more...

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