Tolovana Beach


Tolovana Beach

by Allan Pudlitzke

Focal Length: 73mm
 1/400 sec
Aperture: f/9
ISO: 200

While recently takin a trip down to the Oregon Coast, we decided to stop off and shoot a few locations around Cannon Beach. Cannon Beach is typically known for Haystack Rock photos with stunning golden hour light and long exposures. Initially that was the plan, however the weather did everything aside from cooperate… It was 20-30mph winds, pouring rain and quite a bit of hazy light. We ended up driving through Cannon Beach to Tolovana Beach State Park just north of the main stretch of road through the city. From a viewpoint I did what I could trying to keep the lens free of mist, and squeezed out a few shots silhouetting a nearby tree and ridge. The backlight of the haze also created some wonderful silhouettes of the rocky shoreline layering in really well with the beaming light. We left soaked, squeaky shoes and all back to the Portland/Vancouver metro area.

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