Ah! The World of Lenses

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Heidi Horvath, Photographer / Writer

Ah! The world of Lenses!

When asked to write this article, I found myself thinking there is so much to write about. I enjoy shooting many types of Photography. Shooting from Macro shots to Concerts, and many things in between, I enjoy the challenges of the different situations. Owning also a Studio that has Green Screen, which holds another interesting world of endless creativity with backgrounds.

Now, Back to Lenses, let me share with you some of my information and experience. I personally shoot with Nikon. The lenses Nikon makes are superb, I have found out. Owning about 10 – I counted when I took inventory today. Lenses can be like a drug or great food, wine, etc. leaving you wanting more. Being such a Technical person as myself, I get an incredible rush of excitement about lenses! They each have different functions, and can be used differently, all the while creating such incredible shots, effects and end results. May I just add, keeping an eye out for the next new Lens to come onto the market, can certainly leave one drooling with anticipation! Perhaps you have also experienced this.

Let me share with you my Favorite Lens I enjoy working with. Or shall I say THE most prized one I own, will talk about first. I honestly have found my Telephoto Zoom Nikon 70- 200mm ED 1:2.8G AF-S VR(Vibration Reduction) to be my biggest Beast of a Lens!.. “Beast” meaning the most expensive and my most heaviest one I own. Of course there are many more lenses that cost much more, that are lighter in weight, etc. One day I do hope to attain them, ha ha. The internal mechanisms of this 70-200mm Lens are made of the finest glass, can work excellently in the most low light situations, thus making it a very fast lens. With a 2.8 max aperture, it can open very wide, letting more light in. It is a great Action and Wildlife Lens. I personally have used this lens for taking some incredible photos at World press conferences and of celebrities. I must share this, that I have also taken some amazing really detailed Macro shots! The Roses and Succulents in Nature I have shot with this lens, just blew me away. It really has such versatility. It’s Great for Concert shots if you cannot get to be in the pit, or up close. Just shoots excellent in daylight and Low light situations. Weddings – where you do not want to get in the way of the bride and Groom, guests, etc., you can zoom in real close. Then zoom out, without having to move around much, not grabbing attention to yourself, and staying professional. This is a lens to capture all those events and most key details. It is a heavy lens, so a monopod or a tripod is a good idea. Once you get used to it, it can get easier using it free hand, but it’s a hefty lens!

Now my other most favorite Lens is my Nikon 18-200mm DX 1:3.5-5.6G ED AF-S Nikkor! I find myself using this one actually the most, and I find that this lens gives me such an easy variety of shots. From incredible close ups, to wide, and distance, clear crisp shots. Even using it in studio, green screen as well, or outdoors – It’s just so dang good! I cannot say enough about this lens!

One of my most “Fun” Lens is my Fisheye Rokinon CS 8mm 1:3.5. I have found this lens works great in low light and also in Daylight shoots, I shoot in Manual. The Fisheye just gives any photography situation a interesting wide curved, unique, creative look. You can find yourself physically right on top of your subject, seriously close, such as right in front of their nose! Getting such a wide angle shot of everything around them from side to side! It’s a trip how cool it can make things look. Doing some post production editing, can also give it an extra creative look. Just such a cool lens!

I will now share my obsession with Lenses, along side of the ones I have already wrote about. These Lenses, aka (My artillery) I currently have are: Nikon 28-70mm 1:3.5-4.5D AF Nikkor, 28mm 1:2.8D AF Nikkor, Nikon 50mm – 1:1.4D and another Nikon 50mm 1:1.8G, Nikon DX 35mm 1:1.8G AF-S Nikkor, Nikon DX-VR AF-S 18-105mm 1:1.3.5-5.6G ED Nikkor. Finding myself always open to trying different interesting things creatively, I purchased a small Holga lens. I have yet to try it, but I know it can create some very interesting photos.

Lastly my other obsession, is collecting old vintage cameras and lenses from many different years, and time periods. I have quite a collection, and would love to share, but that is another story, oh dear!

Thanks for reading, and keep on clicking!!


Usually everyone is used to see the world from eyelevel. If you choose a different angle, you get to show a different perspective. That photo attracts your viewer. So lay down on the ground and look up in the sky or climb up the rock and look down – capture photo from different angle. 


Look for the good light, possibly the Golden Hour! Golden/ magic hour is typically the half an hour span before and after sunrise and sunset when light soft & slanted. Magic hour light is the best to shoot landscapes. But do not worry much if you are stuck with overcast skies. It could be the best light to make black and white landscapes! I shot this photo of cathedral rock when light was dull and shooting conditions were far from ideal. But it still made a good black and white landscape.

Lastly, I would say rules of thumb are useful 90% of the times. Be ready to create your own new rules other 10% of the times. Happy shooting!

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