The Lonely Boats


The Lonely Boats

by Jason Mordecai


The lonely boats were shot in Snowdonia at the lake called Llyn Nantlle or Lake Nantlle in English. At that time, a friend and I drove up to Snowdonia National park which is approximately 4 hours away from where we live. We had already picked out the location for the dawn shoot and looked at the lighting and weather for the following morning on The Photographers Ephemeris app which is an essential piece of equipment to use when planning a trip. Once we arrived, it was late at night and we had to camp and wait for dawn and it got very cold that night, early morning arrived and we got woken up by an amazing amount of mist lifting up from the lake. The temp was still quite cold near the lake as you can see, it was being warmed up by the sun rays and giving off the most amazing display of morning mist.

In the distance in Snowdon which is Wales’s highest mountain but in this image it is covered by a layer of morning light a fog which is obstructing the view but nevertheless all the elements have fallen into place. I wanted the foreground to have the wildflowers in and the little cascade of water flowing to the point of focus and the boats which were the main subject which I still wanted in frame all create a path and leading lines to the background.

After we had taken a few photographs of this lake, we were approached by a farmer and his wife and by no fault of our own we had camped on private land and were told to leave as soon as we could. But after a bit of negotiations, they calmed down and everyone was happy and we got the photos we wanted and they happy too when we told them, they could have a print of what we took.

This photo has brought out a very creative side of me. I have added a very dreamy and ethereal feel to the image which is the way I like to portray in my photography. I also would like to make the view as if they were there themselves. So I try to make it surreal but have that real edge to it. This photo was taken with a 5dmkIII with a 16-35mm with a CPL on to cut the light reflecting in the water and give a more real look to it.

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