The Lone Wonderer

Mateo Bezuh, Writer

First snow of the year came in like a hurricane, in Zagreb every street was lightly covered by snowflakes just as we entered the new 2016. Croatia as a small country surprisingly has many beauties to show, but this time we find solstice in the snowy forests of Zagreb.

Our latest adventure starts at the main town square of Ban Josip Jelai, where we got of our tram. It was snowing for a few days and we were ready to take that photo we were waiting for to happen for almost a year. We headed to the upper city in search of higher ground for our photos, but had not much luck. The best we could find was an old bench, just lonely looking at the town beneath it.

As we were then walking the city walls, one view that struck us as surprised was that no tree was fully covered with snow. Their naked branches just did not provide enough support. Obviously we were looking for our wanted photo at the wrong place, so we had to improvise. Here below we see a photograph that shows us how just a simple walk can make you think that even nature, can sure be “lost in time“

As we were very far away from the pine forests that could provide us with the view we were actually looking for, we found ourselves observing all the people that were walking the streets of Zagreb, and their reactions to the newly fallen snow. The different looks on their faces told stories for themselves, but in the end everyone was just wondering as we did, how easily does the nature make us think of the white, and black… Where are the limits in this times of solitude, and how all people are just talking to themselves: “It´s really beautiful outside, do I really mind the snow on my shoes?“

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Photo by  Martina David

But still, our task was to find that photo. The thing we hadn’t´t thought of was that it was in front of us the whole time, we were just looking at it from the wrong angle.

The lone wanderer that got our attention was just minding his own business, as we all do. Simply walking a straight line between himself and the nature we live in. Showing us how times of change bring us to ourselves, to think. Where just a walk can make you settle all of your thoughts.

This is where our adventure takes rest, as we return happily to our homes, knowing that we got what we wanted out of that walk. The lone wonderer taught us much, and we would like to share his message with you. Maybe we just made it up, but it is clear. Go outside, great things happen when you´re not indoor.

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Photo by Martina David

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