Simple Yet Powerful Photoshop Tips and Tricks from NOTINDOOR

#1 – Merging All Visible Layers to One New Layer

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If you are working with a lot of layers you know by now that a clutter is almost inevitable, so why not make life a little easier?

Merging all visible layers to one new layer lets you keep all the layers but creates a new layer with a snapshot of your visible canvas.

Why? So you can apply some more filters, styles and adjustments on the whole image and create a new layer clutter 😉

This is SUPER easy to do! But you have to make sure that the top layer visible layer is the selected one because your new layer will be created above whichever layer is selected.

Now, simply press: Mac (Shift+Command+Option+E), or, Windows (Shift+Cntrl+Alt+E)

That’s it! Simple, yet powerful.

#2 – Better and Quicker Black & White Conversion

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There are so many ways to convert your full color photos to beautiful black and white images, and today you’ll learn one of them (just in case you don’t know how to) in a few clicks.

Unlike other conversions, we’ll use the Channel Mixer Adjustment Layer to get rid of the colors but keep all of the high details intact.

So, on the bottom of the Layer Palette, hit the Adjustment Layer button and choose Channel Mixer.

The new palette (as in the image to your right) will have Red, Green and Blue channels. Above them you will find Monochrome. Yes, so please check it… and… Voila!

Now you can play with the Red, Green and Blue channels to your heart desires.

Just keep in mind that you want to have the sum of all channels at about 100%.

That’s it! Simple, yet powerful.

#3 – The Fastest Way to Retro Style Your Images

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Retro style is consciously derivative or imitative of trends, music, modes, fashions, or attitudes of the recent past, typically 15–20 years old.

The fastest way to give your images a retro style is simply to create a new Solid Color Adjustment Layer.

Once you created the layer you’ll have to select the color (blue is important) for your image.

Then set the blend mode of the Solid Color layer to Exclusion and reduce the layer opacity to around 30%.

Guess what. You’re done!

If you chose a nice image for that kind of style you should be getting pretty cool faded looking retro style image.

These are actually good for natural lights. Which is why it’s perfect for NOTINDOOR 😉

Once again. Simple, yet powerful.

#4 – Create a Sendable Portfolio in a Few Clicks

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The other day I needed to show my work to an agent and since I don’t have the kind of images he wanted, online, I decided to just email him a few of them. The problem – the photos are big and take too much space and time to send via email.

For that I had to scale the images down. A lot. And because I’m a Photoshop kinda guy I just ignored my dear old Lightroom.

Here is a solution for you if you don’t like/know/have Adobe Lightroom. Ready. Set. Go!

1. Open Photoshop.

2. Go to File –> Scripts –>Load Files Into Stack…

3. In the popup window, press Browse…

4. Select the images you want to scale down.

5. Press OK.

6. Wait for Photoshop to finish it’s thing.

7. Select all the layers.

8. Right Click on any layer.

9. Export as…

10. Export to JPG. Done!

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