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This image was taken in The Winter of 2016 at The Northern of “The Dead Sea”, the lowest spot on the earth. One of kind the sea with a high concentration of salt mixed with a variety of valuable minerals. Place that always fascinated me by phenomenon, unique textures and shapes that occurs over there.

When I get to a new location, I always take my time to explore, observe and feel the energy produced by the ground. This is very important stage in my journey of Landscape Photography and that bond allows me to capture the mood and the atmosphere of the moment.

So I arrived at this shore after 30 minutes of exploring, advancing step by step between sinkholes and shaky, muddy dark ground. It was cold, windy morning, tide was high and the waves were hitting the shore non-stop. After setting on a relatively safe ground on the shore, I spotted this rock that peaked in between the waves, the shape of it caught my attention and I immediately known that this is the spot for me at that morning.

The rock was about 3 meters deep in the water and I had to get in up the point where the water was hitting my chest with every wave that came in. I set up my Feisol tripod deep in the water, placed my Nikon D810 just above sea level, composed and waited for the colors of the sunrise to come in.

I took multiple shots of the scene, some taken with a 10 stop ND filter (as you can see in this image). My goal was to flat out the waves and to create a smooth surface of which the rocks can peak through and take a major part in the composition. For the end result I’ve used a single frame, 30 seconds exposure, basic processing in PS CC without any digital manipulation done. This is “Rose”.

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