by David Hinnen

Camera: Nikon D7100
Lens: 24-70mm @ 24mm
Shutter: 60 seconds
Aperture: f/2.8
ISO: 200
Location: Wehr, Germany

Artificial lake generated by a dam in Wehr, Germany.
An image from February with quite a story to go with it: The small lake formed by the dam was a nice scenery, but the water was rising by the minute, so I had to constantly be on the lookout for the water level, not to have my shooting spot flooded. In addition, it was freezing cold and I was wiping the dew off my lens every 60 seconds in between shots. Despite all efforts, it still froze over and I was forced to pack up in the end. A little under 1 hour worth of star trails, blended into a blue-hour shot.

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