by Anthony Million

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Shutter: 1/20 sec
Aperture: f/11
ISO: 50

Ihad this image in mind since a while before shooting and editing it. My processing was almost evidence and I was extremely excited to go out photographing to give it birth. But I had to be patient because it was very far away from my home (about 900km away) and the trip was done some months after I decided to create this image. I shoot this building in Paris at La Defense District, one of the most exciting area for any architectural photographer.

So, after some months of waiting, I finally manage to get out there but unfortunately the weather forecast was terrible! It was raining cats and dogs 3 days in a row! I was first aiming to do a long exposure but no way to do it with such heavy rain over the first 2 days… the last day of my stay was the last chance to catch up my shot. Fortunately, after 2 hours waiting under the rain, I had a short break of rain (maybe 5-10 minutes) which helped me to take the composition of this image.

I have named this image “Rebirth” as my aim was to create the vision of a rebirth. The highlighted center of the frame refers to our soul, surrounded by two towers like if the soul can’t run free, incarcerate in this box. The two extreme towers show the beginning of the rebirth, the soul starting to get out of the box, escaping from his jail.

I shoot with a Sony A7R paired with Canon 16-35 f4 lens at f11, 1/20sec and ISO 50. It is a single raw file (so then just one exposure done). Processing was done first with Lightroom and then with PS CS06. Photography is an artistic expression of my self, the best way for me to let’s run free my creativity, without borders, without well establishment of rules, a simple journey towards my creative vision.

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