The Lock


The Lock

“What are you doing?” asked two bearded men driving a landscaping golf cart.

I put my camera down for a brief moment and joking stated “locking it down with a photo”.

The moment the men pulled up, I had been crouched down photographing a lock and chain resting against the doors of an old brown shed.

As the men drove off puzzled, I empathized with their confusion and questioned why someone would want to photograph a lock.

What drew me into this lock? In contemplating the general artistic concept, I came to the conclusion quickly that doors in general are amazing still life subjects because the active role they play in the lives of everyone both physically and emotionally. They help us enter and exit, and along the way they wear down and build up cosmetic character with age. They also give us the choice to be hospitable, or closed off from the world. To me, the lock on the door stood out because locks temporarily put a halt in this process altogether.

As photographers, it is not what we capture with our cameras, but how we capture it that makes us artists. The common statement “art is in the mind of the beholder” is applicable to this because our diversity as humans allows us to engage in creative endeavors in different contexts.

You may photograph certain subjects on a consistent basis, but it is not until you ask yourself why you press the shutter button you will develop as a hobbyist or professional photographer. The conclusion to your answer will allow you to understand the direction you are going with your images, and move you forward in your growth as an artist and visual communicator.

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John Fredricks

John Fredricks


John Fredricks is a photographer and journalist currently based in the Los Angeles area. Lord willing, he hopes to impact his generation through a visual medium, and put the spotlight on subjects around the world. He is available for projects in any location, and looks forward to getting his boots dirty in the storytelling process. Website: Instagram: @_johnfredricks

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