Photographer of the Month - Karl Taylor

Featured image: Karl Taylor Photography

This month, we have had the honor to interview one of the best photography instructors in the world. He has helped thousands of photographers, world wide, with his online courses along with workshops hosted in his new and impressive studio in England and runs a successful commercial photography business with a list of blue chip clients.

If you don’t know who I’m talking about yet, you should google “British photography instructor” he’ll come out 7th (in my search), but really 3rd as related to the search.

Anyways, we want to introduce, Karl Taylor from Karl Taylor Photography.

Karl, thank you very much for taking the time and answering our questions. We really hope we got some questions no one ever asked you before.

So let the grilling begin 😉

NI: Please tell our readers, that might not know you, briefly about yourself.
KT: Hi I’m Karl Taylor I’ve been a photographer for over 25 years and run a successful commercial studio business specializing in advertising and product photography. I also operate as a photography instructor and work as a training consultant for some of the photography industries top brands.

Let’s put photography aside for a second and get to know the person – Karl Taylor.

NI: You left school at the age of 16 right? How come?
KT: When I was at school the opportunities were more limited than they are now, especially at the school I went to which mostly encouraged students to leave school and get a trade. I left at 16 after completing my high school exams and then went straight into employment. University or further education wasn’t really considered an option or encouraged.

NI: Do you regret it? 
KT: No not at all. I’ve worked hard all my life with jobs in the school holidays, and leaving school early encouraged me to work hard and earn and save money. I had a good life experience from an early age and had left home by the time I was 19.  I lived in america for 7 months and did some traveling. By the time I was 21 I’d left my home again and spent just over 2 years traveling around the world from Africa, through Asia and beyond. Those years made me who I am.

NI: What would you tell yourself right now if you were 16 again?
KT: I always believed in myself which helped me set my goals high and try to achieve things, but I could probably have done with being a bit less arrogant but I think that was also part of being a teenager.

Picture 060

NI: What was your very first job? Was it at the retail photography store at the age of 17, or was there something prior to that, that maybe had nothing to do with photography? 
KT: No, my first job was as a graphic artist in interior design, I hand sketched interiors for my employer. This was in the day before computer assisted design. I’d turn the plans into 3d sketches by hand with a pencil and paper. 

NI: In your  video, at the About page of your website,  you mentioned you started with drawing and painting. Anything in particular that you loved to draw?
KT: I experimented with a number of art styles but I was particularly drawn to science fiction having read Ray Bradbury’s ‘The Illustrated Man’ when I was young.

NI: Time had passed and you grew to be a more experienced person, something that enabled you to travel around the world with more freedom, maybe. What are your most favorite places in the world and what is that one thing that makes them so special to you?
KT: I have very fond memories from Sulawesi in Indonesia and the Moluccan Islands. I had some great adventures and did some amazing diving. I love the heat and smells and the people of this region.


NI: Is there anything no one knows about you that you would like them to know?
KT: I used to ride fast motorcycles and have had several crashes and a few scary moments. I used to be a bit crazy in that way. My wife doesn’t let me have one now which is probably a good thing.

NI: She’s probably right. Haha.

Now, let’s head to your other world – Karl Taylor Photography – which is a successful and rewarding one…

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