Photographer of the Month Julia Shlomenzon
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Featured image: Julia Shlomenzon

This month, our photographer of the month is a very talented young woman from Israel.

Get to Know Julia

NI: Can you please tell us a little about yourself?
JS: I’m Julia I’m 27 years old and live in Israel. I was born in Kazakhstan and my family came to Israel when I was 3 years old. I love to dance and I have always been a dancer, just as I have always been sensitive to arts. Ever since I was little I had passion for arts, aesthetics and the beauty of the dialogs that can be created when you express yourself through art. Following this passion has brought me to study architecture, a form of art that surrounds us every day and that influences our lives in so many ways.

Julia’s Photography Journey

NI: When did your photography journey really start?
JS: During my service at the IDF I worked as a graphic designer, which required me to work a lot with photographers. It was the first time that I was confronted with professional photographers.

NI: When did you start taking photography more seriously?
JS: The work at the army sparked my curiosity about photography, and for the following couple of years I read and learned a lot about it until Bella came into my life. Bella was my first professional camera and has become an essential part of my life ever since as I kept learning and developing my skills of expressing my ideas through photography.

NI: Why do you really take photos?
JS: Photography is one more tool, to expressing my point of view and convey my ideas and understanding of the world to other people. I like the power it gives me, to capture single moments, and keep them for eternity. These moments I can then modify, showing different meaning of the same situation, hence creating alternative or parallel universes and hear the music of the frame. 

My focus has been on the urban landscape. Due to my love for architecture, I like to view how the city as a living organism, shaped by the urbane structure. This structure influences the life of all people and consequently shapes them and their behavior…

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