Photographer of the Month - Allan Pudlitzke
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Featured image: Candace Couture-Pudlitzke

This month, I’m happy to announce that our Photographer of the month is no other than our beloved Allan Pudlitzke, who is part of the team, here at NOTINDOOR.

We did not select Allan because he is “one of us”, in fact, he didn’t know about it up until February 29th (a very special date for many many people around the world).

Working with Allan is simply one of the best thing a magazine could ask for and his personal photos are improving all the time. Big changes and improvements, are what make photog- raphers “better than others”.

So let’s see what Mr. Allan has to say. (We call him Mr. Allan, because we’re obssesed with the TV show The Flash. Haha!)

Get to Know Allan

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