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photo by John Fredricks

article by John Fredricks

When the city you are having a cup of coffee in was listed as one of the most dangerous in the United States, I like to order a bolder roasted cup of joe’.

Two weeks ago while visiting a friend of mine in Victorville, California, I stopped at America’s favorite coffee chain to get a caffeine fix and take advantage of some free Wi-Fi when the most peculiar man grabbed a chair at my table to sit down and stare at me.

As a precursor to the story of the photograph, I will gladly mention that I am a fan of Victorville. Coming from L.A., I appreciate how homes, businesses, and landscaping tend to be more spaced out. Obviously, one can also appreciate a decrease in traffic. To add, this might just be the place for you if you enjoy triple-digit heat during the summer months and a three-bedroom home for as much as the rent of the studio you are paying for in West L.A. Some of the factors listed can attribute to the transient population residing around Victorville, many of which live under the shade of overpasses or dried riverbeds on the outskirts of the city…

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