Group picture of Artists from my 2010 gathering of 142 artists from the 60s 70s 80s 90s and now from downtown Los Angeles
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Group picture of Artists from my 2010 gathering of 142 artists from the 60s 70s 80s 90s and now from downtown Los Angeles by Rick Mendoza

Have you had the chance to showcase your best work to thousands of people in one incredible night?
Well… myself and many other amazing photographers will take part of just that on Thursday, February 11th.

There will be other artists as well, but this magazine’s focus is photography.

So now what? We each have to choose only one print from a large portfolio we all have. Scary!

Why Scary?
When a photographer has to choose only one print from a large portfolio, his/her mind starts overloading with the questions:

“what’s going to happen if I choose… this one?”
“Will they like this photo, or should I choose that photo?”
“But look at this one, I really like that picture”
“So if I select this picture, what would be the price tag?”
“Am I actually going to sell it?”
“What if other photographers have similar photos?”
And so on…

I don’t really know what to expect but I’m sure I’ll have one experience I’ll never forget!

As this magazine is all about helping and promoting photographers, I want to take this stage and mention the names of all the photographers who you might stumble upon if you’re going to be there, at OddWalk 2.0.

The names are sorted randomly 🙂
(if you’re a photographer on this list, contact us so we’ll add links to your name).

Stephen J Payne
David Mastron
Glenn Primm – | Facebook | Flickr | LinkedIn | Google+ | Instagram
Rush Varela
Rick Mendoza
Shaun Thyne
Kevin Flint
Dawn Wirth – Facebook
Jen Bel
Aaron Landy
Moshe Levis
David Cabrera
Kevin Break
Raymond Y. Newton
Mark Oberhofer
Johnny Cubert White
Deb Frazin
Janet Grey
Georgiana Nestor
Diane Pirie Cockerill
Richard Edson
Fred Hoerr
Camilo Cruz
Monica Mader

Feel free to check out the Facebook Event Page and RSVP because we all want to see you and tell you how much are photos are amazing 😉 OddWalk Facebook Event Page

Although, us photographer are excited for the OddWalk 2.0, I know this one guy, Jerico Woggon, that is taking upon himself to curate and manage most, if not all, of it by himself. I believe we all owe a big thank you Jerico. Don’t you?

Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk
February 11th 6-11pm
734 S. Main St. LA, CA 90014
One Night Show!
Music : “Retro Vinyl Audiofile Bachelor Pad DJ Set by Mr. Cocoon” – Bringing the Odd to Oddville!

“Oddville is a creative space where you can discover what’s possible”

Are you coming? Are you showing your work? Maybe you want to introduce yourself? Leave a comment.

*Post updates:
1. Added to the list, photographer Melissa Richardson Banks

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