NOTINDOOR November Magazine Issue
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Moshe Levis
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First Words

Since the entire future of NOTINDOOR is more important than one or two issues we had to focus on creating a Kickstarter campaign as one of the ways we’re hoping to fund the magazine. We have put all of our efforts in making sure we created the best kickstarter campaign we could. It includes amazing rewards from well known brands and photographers, including a photography course by Karl Taylor, Smugmug accounts, a gallery show by one of LA’s top curators, Hayley Marie Colston and more.

Why? Because, let’s face it $4.99 per year for a Platinum membership is a “no brainer” according to our readers and we care about providing you and helping you. You can research and see that our subscription plan offers the most and costs the least.

Don’t have a membership yet? Instead of heading over and subscribing, go a head beck us on Kickstarter. The campaign is finally live so check it out below! 

We also have our first annual International Photographer of the Year Award with prizes worth over $10,000 from: Alaya Ubud Bali, Dana SPA, Manisan Restaurant, Golden Tulip Bay View Hotel & Convention – Bali, BayPhoto, PHLEARN, SmugMug, sunwayfoto, Gypsy Trails Gallery and Dolica.

Those of you who read this magazine, get to enter the contest starting today!

We hope you’ll enjoy this month’s issue, it may seem a little shorter in pages, but the high quality articles and images from our amazing contributors make it into a stunning issue once again.

Please beck us up,

Moshe Levis and the NOTINDOOR team

Discover the Rich Balinese Culture at Alaya Resort Ubud

article by Elvianty Natasha The winner of NOTINDOOR Magazine’s International Photographer of The Year Awards will be given accommodations at the Alaya Resort Ubud. Located on the Indonesian island of Bali, amongst rice paddies and the foothills of Gianyar, the town of...

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Welcome to Golden Tulip Bay View Hotel & Convention Bali

The Golden Tulip Bay View Hotel & Convention Bali is a modern and stylish four-star hotel located in Bali, Indonesia. The hotel boasts over 250 sophisticated rooms and suites, a wide range of leisure facilities for the whole family to enjoy, and some of Bali’s very...

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An Adventure from Yosemite National Park

Photos and article by Vishpala Kadam I was more than 3000 miles away from Yosemite National Park, in New England to be exact. Someone asked me where my favorite place to shoot was. Without thinking for more than a fraction of a second, I answered, “Yosemite!” A nice...

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Cutting the Cost of your Photography

article and photos by Indiana Lang Photography can get expensive, very expensive. After a quick amazon search, the most expensive camera I could find was almost $5,000! This is quite a bit of money. Then when adding lenses, bags, tripods and everything you need and...

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RAW versus JPEG, What’s the Difference?

photos and article by Pedro Quintela I clearly remember a moment when I first started shooting, during a photowalk, where a person in the group mentioned another type of file that cameras could store images in, but that could only be opened by specific programs. “What...

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Getting Lost in Bali

Photos by Komang Pramana, article by Elvianty Natasha Hearing the word Bali will lead your imagination to a land of paradise. Once visited, that paradise becomes a place you want to go back to again and again. Bali is a land of a thousand temples, just as many...

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House of the Children

Photos and stories by John Fredricks In northeast Tijuana, Mexico, an understaffed orphanage housing twenty to forty children lives out each day’s challenges of spoiled food, lack of parental guidance, and a lingering drug war, together as one...

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