ISSUE #6 – MAY 2016

Can you believe it’s May already? Six months worth of magazines! Wow!

NOTINDOOR Magazine May Issue
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Moshe Levis
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First Words

Right now, I’m writing while I’m home away from home.

You see, I live in Los Angeles and I went to Israel without my wife this time, for a whole month, to visit my family and take care of a few things, and she has been extremely supportive. Even though we haven’t seen each other for a month now I can feel her strong and infinite love. She’s keeping me alive!

Just like her, our readers and contributors are the ones keeping this magazine alive. Your love for photography and the environment keeps feeding NOTINDOOR magazine and giving the world a taste of what we love doing the most – sharing our vision.

For that reason, right before May came, we sent out a special offer for 48 hours, for our readers to have gold memberships and the positive response was amazing!

Thank you everyone!

As part of our Gold Members, we offer to build you a free website, so if you have a gold membership do not hesitate to send us an email to to claim your website. Let the month of May be filled with new and beautiful websites.

After all, you probably need it if you don’t have one 😉

This May I would like to introduce you to our new contributor Stephan Smit from the Netherlands. We found his writing and photos really worth spreading, wiht his new article “It’s Not Just Black and White”, where he talks about his take on black and white and gives us a few tips.

Among the articles we have this month you’ll find Dirk Ross’s interesting article “Can A Cellphone Really Hang?” where he’s testing the capabilities of his cellphone vs a DSLR. So what do you think? Can a cellphone really hang?

Find out more about macro photography, portraits and new adventures and on the way get to read the stories behind certain images.

Lastly, we promised to give more attention to national parks, so we are happy to feature Jevgenija Sitik’s article about a beautiful place called Karula.

Fun fact – In Hebrew, Karula means “they called her”.


What About Moshe

Featured image: Moshe Levis The Man Behind the Curtain Being the backbone of things can pull you directly out of the limelight and you usually become the most underappreciated component of the process. It is also a lot of weight to hold on your shoulders being the...

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Shooting Flat

Featured image: Bill Dobbins Learning anything involves gradually improving your skills in whatever area you are working.  That is usually a fairly slow, incremental process.  Re-learning a skill you have already acquired can be more complicated because you have to...

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A Woman to Look Up To

Featured image: From Lisa's video What do Huffington Post’s 30 most influential photographers on the Internet, competitive figure skating, and the best selling iPhone camera app of all time have in common? The answer is Canadian photographer Lisa Bettany. Bettany, 35,...

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Sunset Adventures

Featured image: Allan Pudlitzke So this wasn’t planned… In fact, most of my photo shoots never are… It usually goes like this: The night before I tell myself I am going to get up early and hit that golden hour sunrise to take my next masterpiece, or in my case, first...

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Macro Photography Flowers

Featured image: Heidi Horvath When I first started into my world of Photography, I was immediately drawn into the beauty of all that which Nature holds. Which is why Macro Photography is one of my favorite types of photography to shoot! Seeing the detail in the...

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It’s More Than Just Black and White

Featured image: Stephan Smit Us photographers roam the world and see everything from beautiful architecture to nature made formations with stunning sunsets. These moments we try to capture with all the colors in it possible. But today i want to point out the power of...

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If I Were Ansel Adams

Featured image: Vishpala Kadam Rewinding 15 years back from today, whole new photography world was opened to professional photographers and high end consumers with introduction of Digital SLR camera by leading manufacturers. I was getting introduced to photography...

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Beyond Colors

Featured image: Indu M “Colour is descriptive. Black and white is interpretive.” – Elliott Erwitt Colours make this world more picturesque. Each article is inherently attached to its colour; like sky to blue and leaves to green. Colours impart identity to them. When...

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Wooden Shoe Tulips

Featured image: Allan Pudlitzke Listen…. I’m not really a flower guy, and I know most beginning photographers find flowers to be a great starting point when learning how to shoot. They don’t move unless it’s really windy or you pick them and toss them, so what better...

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Behind This Photo – Anthony Queen

Featured image: George Delimosis He lives alone and he is selling tissues for a living. I have met him on the streets. I told him “one day I want to shoot you”. His answer; “why, now you can’t?” The day I asked him to shoot him some big men were annoying. They made...

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Behind This Photo – Lost In The Fog B&W

Featured image: Mark Cote This was taken on the 4th of July above the North Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge. I had driven over there because I wanted to capture the fire works in San Francisco from across the bay. What was special about the lighting is it was clear...

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Behind This Photo – Bridges

Featured image: Allan Pudlitzke This last week we decided to head down to the Oregon Coast to check out the rocky shores near Cape Perpetua. It is actually quite astonishing when you see the massive sea rocks scattered across the beach. They create mazes of walkways...

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Karula National Forests

Featured image: Jevgenija Sitik I have arrived in the smallest national park in Estonia  (123km2) - Karula National Park. Here you will find lots of interesting information about many things,but it would be much better to see it all with your own eyes,and this is why...

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Can A Cellphone Really Hang?

Featured image: Dirk Ross A few weeks ago I told Allan at NotIndoor about my short trip to South Tyrol. Despite forgetting my camera bag, I was able to shoot some acceptable panorama photos just using my old cellphone. During this conversation we came up with the idea...

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