NOTINDOOR January Magazine Issue
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Moshe Levis
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First Words

To celebrate the beginning of 2017 I had the pleasure of joining my wife to one of her performances up at Mammoth Lakes, California which is a drive and stay we have been doing for the past 2+ years. A drive I really enjoy, especially in the winter when everything turns white once we go up to higher elevation.

As part of our tradition we went and visited Convict Lake, before checking in to our hotel, to see how the scenery changed. If it changed.  This time it was the very first time I have seen Convict Lake frozen which gave my Convict Lake photo collection another variation as the seasons change.

Just like our Convict Lake, I hope you will all get to have first time experiences that will fill your lives with happiness.

We, at NOTINDOOR, have many goals for 2017 and most of them include spreading the awareness of climate change and global warming in hopes the people of Earth will act and help reverse the bad we caused. We want to believe that our future generation will be able to see and experience places on our planet that will simply vanish if we do nothing.

One of the ways we are going about it is, we are publishing a beautiful photo book series called Before It Ends. This is a collaboration with hundreds of photographers. We hope this book will make you stop and understand what we might lose in the near future.

This is a special issue for us, our official 13th issue after one year of publishing beautiful magazines thanks to you, our readers and contributors.

This is the issue where you can find the winner announcements for NOTINDOOR International of the Year Award 2016, sponsored by Alaya Ubud Bali, Dana SPA, Manisan Restaurant, Golden Tulip Bay View Hotel & Convention – Bali, BayPhoto, PHLEARN, SmugMug, sunwayfoto, Gypsy Trails Gallery and Dolica and Shooting the West.

As we promised, we have a great video interview for you with The G2 Gallery in Abbot Kinney. You don’t want to skip that one. Especially if you’re a photographer who wants to know how to get your work in a respective photo gallery.

Plus, we have helpful astro-photography articles, stunning photographer portfolios, a fight between lenses, an interesting interview with an aerial photographer, photography events in Los Angeles for January 2017 and much more

Until the next issue,

Moshe Levis and the NOTINDOOR team

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