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Moshe Levis
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First Words

I love the month of February. Not just because it’s the month of my birth- day but because a bunch of amazing stu are happening in February.

Yosemite National Park gives us the “Firefall” phenomena, where when the sun hit the water at a certain angle it turns to rey orange – Amazing.

Groundhog Day on February 2nd, Mardi Gras, Puppy Bowl, Black History Month, e Acad- emy Awards, Valentine’s Day, Super Bowl Sunday and probably so many more I’m not aware of.

Some updates on what we have planned for NOTINDOOR Magazine:

We have created a webpage to show you how you can have your photos in a photo gallery. A gallery we really hope to open as soon as possible.

We have put together a few workshops on our website and we are also open to put your workshops there if you’re hosting any.

We’ll be publishing more and more Photos & Stories so if you have those feel free to submit them and you might see it online and/or in the magazine.

Hopefully there will be more good and pretty big news soon but we’ll have to keep that a se- cret for just a little longer 😉
In this issue you’ll nd articles from amazing photographers around the world, CES review, photo of the month winner and more.


Until the next time,

Moshe Levis and  the NOTINDOOR team

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