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Article and photos by Allan Pudlitzke

I can tell you the last time I was actually awake for a sunrise… It was winter and the sun was coming up around 8am and I was on my way to work… Other than that, I do have a hell of a time getting out of bed at a productive early hour for photography. It’s not that I don’t love the craft or the idea of catching a sunrise shot, or using the natural light to extend my shutter for a smooth shot of some flowing water. I do, but I do also tend to sink into the abyss of my memory foam king and find myself nearly stitched to the bed in the morning. About a month or so ago I decided to buy a small ND filter kit… Nothing special, just your traditional $20 package from Amazon.com to take some mid day shots of a few waterfalls at the time. First, I will warn you, what you sacrifice in cost for the most part usually will come back to bite you in the rear end when you are looking for optimal quality in your shots. For me, the trail was worth the tradeoff as it allowed me to see if it would be n option to cater to my ever growing desire to stay in bed longer and longer.

Mistake number one… Misty waterfall, Crummy ND filters, and rain make for one hell of a challenge to get a nice sharp photo, even with a tripod. Our day began with a drive to Abiqua Falls to the east of Clackamas, Oregon. I had seen a few shots from a fellow NotIndoor photographer from the location, and they were marvelous. I figured it was the optimal place to test out the ND filters and get in a little exercise, which leads me to my next mistake… Verify the road down…

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