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Photo by Dirk Ross

article by Dirk Ross

If you have been in Munich before, you might know the different rail systems of the city. We have the regular Railway System where many different companies operate their trains on the tracks owned by German Railways. On the second we have a light rail system which is operated by the MVG. This system operates at own tracks on the streets. The MVG operates also the Munich Subway which is an underground rail system. It’s a 95 km network which exactly 100 stations at the moment. The older stations are having a very similar look and don’t look too interesting. Over the last years the network got some extensions and they gave almost every new station a unique look.

When you dive into the underground the goal isn’t classic train spotting. No it’s the architecture and the great light installations, the trains are visible in the pics, but they appear more like ghosts, like fast moving schemes. I really do like to shoot there. I like the symmetry a lot and the emptiness of the stations…

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