Moraine Lake Jewel of the Canadian Rockies
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Article and photos by Heather Vopni

The very first glimpse of the breathtaking, electric blue aura of Moraine Lake fully transcends all previous notions of how one would imagine this Canadian rocky mountain treasure to appear.  Like a virtual, liquid gemstone emanating spectacular hues of azure, the  lacier-fed lake gleams elegantly beneath stunning, statuesque mountains in the Valley of the Ten Peaks.

Its home is sacredly nestled within historically renowned Banff National Park, along Alberta’s western border of neighboring British Columbia, in the heart of Canadian Rocky Mountains. With a total surface area of a mere 0.5 square kilometers in size (0.19 square miles), its polished, visual impact does not disappoint and has been keenly well received by countless travelers from across the globe for well over a century.  Vehicle access to the lake is strictly limited to the seasons of late spring to early autumn due to avalanche hazards from exponential snowfall during winter months…

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