ISSUE #4 – MARCH 2016

Moshe LevisFirst Words

When we first started NOTINDOOR magazine we decided not to have print editions, for the simple reason of saving (or, not making more damage to) our beautiful planet. We still have that firm hand on the subject, but more and more people ask and request printed copies of NOTINDOOR photography magazine, so we have considered the request and are happy to announce that we will start print runs for our beautiful NOTINDOOR Photography Magazine. The printed issue will be made from recycled paper only, which can actually help the world since we’re reusing materials instead of burning them. Although we are happy moving in this direction, we have to think about the financial implications of such a big step. It will cost a lot more money to get the prints and extra team members, for you to keep receiving the best magazine quality ever. We have launched a crowdfunding campaign, on our website, to make sure there are enough interested readers, for us to take that big step towards printing the magazine. We have created a collection of attractive rewards for our backers, so please, go check NOTINDOOR print fundraiser campaign and show your love. If you can’t afford any of the rewards, simply share it with your friends and family. Until then, enjoy this month’s issue. Yours truly, Moshe Levis and the NOTINDOOR team


7 Ways to Improve Your Golden Hour Photography

Featured image: Steven Servantez In photography, the “Golden Hour” is defined as a period shortly before or after sunrise or before sunset during which daylight colors shift from beautiful blues then reds and are softer as the Sun breaks the horizon. The term hour is...

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Around the World I Go

Featured image: Katherine Kifa Having traveled to over 30 countries, there were a few that impressed me the most. United States was one of them. The first time, I came there as a student participant of the UNESCO International Forum on Human Rights in Connecticut. I...

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Tripin: Italy

Featured image: Moshe Levis If you’re planning on traveling to Europe, you can’t go wrong with Turkish Air. That is, unless you’re taking a red-eye, with any expectation of sleep. If that’s the case, try a different airline. Other than flight attendants being very...

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What Happens When You Put 138 Artists In 1 Room?

Featured image: Rick Mendoza Roman Payne, once said “All forms of madness, bizarre habits, awkwardness in society, general clumsiness, are justified in the person who creates good art.” As if Roman had experienced Oddwalk, many times in his life time, this is exactly...

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The Art of Black and White

Featured image: Jevgenija Sitik What is the charm and the main features of black and white photography? Black and white photography focuses the viewer’s attention on lines, textures, shapes and objects. Focuses on the play of light and shadows, combining the...

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Four-eyes Model

Featured image: Martin Zurmuhle We all know outstanding photographs with a long lasting impact to the beholder. And we know even more similar photographs without such an effect. We can enjoy some photographs with great pleasure for years while others get boring after...

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Light Trail Photography

Featured image: Vishpala Kadam I recently read, ‘photography is a willful distortion of facts’. Well, I think it is a great compliment to the photography as art-form even though the sentence says distortion of facts. Distortion of facts also means showing the facts or...

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Good Reads: Painted Rocks

Featured image: Allan Pudlitzke Let’s face it… In the winter, the northwest is cold as hell. When you go to the beach you don’t see the bronzed, bikini clad supermodels, it’s more like parkas, hiking boots and umbrellas. But don’t let that deter you from visiting one...

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Good Reads: Lucia

Featured image: Allan Pudlitzke We are nothing short of waterfalls in Washington and Oregon. Lucia Falls is actually located pretty deep towards the rural areas surrounding the Portland metro area. There are a ton of great trails, it is relatively quiet mid-week, and...

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Good Reads: Our Weapon of Choice

Featured image: Allan Pudlitzke What brands are NotIndoor contributors shooting with? When photography strikes your fancy, where do you start? Looking for new gear, but don’t quite know what to go with? Take a quick look at the poll we shot around to our photo...

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Photographer of the Month – Allan Pudlitzke

Featured image: Candace Couture-Pudlitzke This month, I’m happy to announce that our Photographer of the month is no other than our beloved Allan Pudlitzke, who is part of the team, here at NOTINDOOR. We did not select Allan because he is “one of us”, in fact, he...

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Portraits At Natural Light

Featured image: Yulia Starostina There are many photographers who specialize exclusively in portrait photography. Their passion is understandable: por- trait photography - one of the most interesting but complex genres in photography, which reveals a person’s...

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Featured image: Iain Stanley If I asked you to name me five major Japanese cities, I would bet my life on it that you wouldn’t nominate Miyazaki as one. In fact, I’d be highly impressed if you could even give me a vague description of where Miyazaki is in Japan. Well,...

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The Intricacies of Fine Art and Photographic Printing

Featured image: Prolab Digital Imaging You might not realize how many art forms actually go into creating a work of art. That might sound confusing, but let me explain. First there is the photographer, or artist, who creates and cap- tures their artistic vision either...

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Prolab Digital
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