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This month in the Haaaaave you met… segment we want to introduce professional model and social media queen, Kourtney Reppert, with an interview to give us a glimplse into her life.

Kourtney, now based in Los Angeles, is from Lessport, Pennsylvania. She has been modeling for about 11 years, has no pets and raises her one sweet kiddo who she would give her life for. What a hot, and amazing, momma!

Kourtney is an American model dubbed Philadelphia’s Hottest Sports Babe & “Model of the Year” for the Philadelphia Phillies & Flyers. A lifelong athlete, she fell into sports modeling naturally and has been featured by Sports Illustrated, Maxim Radio, and FOX Sports.

Let the grilling begin.

NIM: So, Kourtney, what is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
KR: Look at my phone and try to get in extra 10 minutes of sleep.

NIM: I believe that many of us can relate to that. Haha. Well, what kind of music do you like?
KR: I love music, a lot of different types. Music has always been a tool to make me feel better, to make me feel a certain kind of emotion, or to just escape. Music is a big part of my life. It’s something I need almost every day. My tastes range from house, to country, to jazz.  All depends on the mood and environment I’m in.

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NIM: Cool. Cool. So let’s get to some real modeling type questions for our readers and your fans. What made you first become a model?
KR: I have older sisters who used me as their Barbie doll growing up. I was put in clothes and makeup and had my hair done all for their entertainment. I would then put on little theatre shows in my living room, I guess you could say I was a natural and it began early. I was awkward looking till about 9th grade, and then I began to get a lot more attention and grew into my features a lot more. I consider becoming a model when I started to get paid for being in front of the camera, and that started at around age 18.

NIM: Have you won any awards?
KR: I was voted to be next Miss America with my senior class in high school. In 2010, I was named by WMMR, Philadelphia’s #1 Rock Station, as Philly’s Hottest Blonde. I was featured on ABC’s Good Morning America, Night Line, three CW network shows, MTV, and working along side former Daily Show star Rob Riggle on Fox’s NFL Sunday pre-game show and more.

NIM: As you probably know, social media nowadays is almost one of the most important ways to success. How did you become such a social media phenomena?
KR: I don’t really know. I would say timing is everything, some luck and a lot of time behind the computer. Just learning with the times because the Internet and social media are constantly changing. Like anything, you have to keep learning and trying new things. I really connected with a lot of other like-minded girls who were also into branding and enhancing their social media numbers and we have helped each other along the way.

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NIM: What did your parents first think of you being a model and were they supportive?
KR: I think they were supportive to an extent. But with anything that has to do with the masses of the public there is always some caution and concern. I truly never understood that until I became a parent myself.

NIM: Interesting. How did you feel when you did your first ever photo shoot?
KR: It felt natural. I enjoyed it. Almost freeing like.

NIM: You know, some models will do everythig for the money. Are there any photos you’ll never agree to be in?
KR: I am a very private person even though my job is about being so public, but I only let people see what I want them to. I don’t think I could ever pose nude. The offer was presented to me years ago, and I thought it was going to be a great career move, but in my heart, I just knew I wouldn’t be able to do it. In the long run I think it would tarnish my future, and of course how I felt about myself.

NIM: Understood. Do you prefer indoors or outdoors photos?
KR: Indoors. Mostly because you can control the lighting and you aren’t on a timeline against Mother Nature. However, I do love shooting outdoors.

NIM: Here’s a fun one – are there any days that guys DON’T hit on you?
KR: I don’t really know. I’m kinda a hermit. I know when I’m being hit on, sometimes people can be nice and you can take it for something else. It’s hard sometimes figuring out between the two. Because there are a lot of friendly guys, who want someone but never make it something because they usually wait for the girl to make it something. It’s confusing, so I like just being chill most of the time.

NIM: You hear that, guys? Don’t be shy, but be nice. Who knows. You didn’t hear that from me 😉 Do you remember your best modeling gig ever?
KR: I think it was when I was doing photoshoots on my own terms, usually when I was going through a painful time. I was able to use that pain, into my art, and I like looking back and seeing just how much those times have helped me heal. But on a professional level, probably when I was a stand-in for Jessica Simpson and her Christmas Macy’s commercials.

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NIM: This reminds me, we need to get Jessica in here. Haha. And do you remember the worst one?
KR: I can’t think of any at the moment.

NIM: Do you have an agent? If so how does he/she help you?
KR: I am currently managing everything on my own. I found that being represented isn’t necessary anymore these days. Back then before you had opportunities to use your own social media as a platform, it was necessary, but I get a ton of jobs, auditions, and exposure doing my own thing. And slowly after taking a substantial time off from it all, I am slowly getting back into it all. I do have help here and there with a few agencies but nothing where it is a solid representation.

NIM: If you were not a model, what other profession would you have been doing instead?
KR: I would be someone who helps people. Maybe run my own charity that helped and provided for kids, being a parent now, my life and perspective have completely shifted. I love being a mom, so something along the lines of helping children. But there are hundreds of things I love doing that I could see myself doing. Life is full of opportunities!

NIM: Can’t argue with that! If a young girl/boy wanted to be a model what would your advice for them be?
KR: Never model to find happiness. Do it because you love it, not so it will define you.

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NIM: You hear that? Stay real. What are some beauty tips that you can share with us?
KR: Always wash your face and take care of your skin at a early age. Eat healthy and connect with nature often. I think people are so quick to give beauty tips that impact the exteriors, but beauty really does radiate from within. Connecting with nature really helps you in bringing out that beauty and making you feel good!

NIM: What are your favorite designers or stores?
KR: I really don’t do the whole designer thing. I like my clothes cheap, or that fit well. I shop online a lot. I’m a yoga pants & t-shirt kinda girl. Haha. I never understood the hype of spending hundred to thousands of dollars on a clothing item. I’m simple in that regard.

NIM: Do you ever shoot just for fun?
KR: Yes, all the time.

NIM: Have you modeled elsewhere? Other than in the USA.
KR: To be honest, I’ve had many opportunities to do so, but I’ve kept a lot of that within the US.

NIM: Do you have a favorite photographer? Ahem…
KR: I really don’t have a favorite. Each one has been different and amazing in their own way.

NIM: Does landscape and nature photography interest you in any way?
KR: Of course. I love the beauty of nature. Almost nothing quite like it.

NIM: As a landscape photographer, I can tell you that you’re 110% right! Do you have a photo shoot idea you really want to do?
KR: I have lots of ideas 🙂 but they usually come to me when I’m shooting.

NIM: That’s great. Creative models are much appreciated. Kourtney, I want to thank you very much for taking the time and being interviewd for NOTINDOOR magazine. I’m sure, that like me, people have come to know you a little better and find learn that professional models can be approachable if we just show them some kindness.

We’ll finish with one last question. How can photographers and other interested parties hire your modeling services?
KR: Anyone interested can contact via email and visit my website. www.kourtneyereppert.com

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