ISSUE #7 – JUNE 2016

Moshe LevisFirst Words

Our community is slowly growing and we are very excited about it. Durring the month of May we have added photographers, writers and readers to our community page to help everyone network in the vast world of photography. There is nothing more amazing to be connected with people from different ends of the globe.

Here in the U.S.A. we’ve had a long weekend – Memorial Day Weekend. A day on which those who died in active military service are remembered, traditionally observed on May 30 but now officially observed on the last Monday in May.

So. What do we have for you in this month’s magazine? Well…

-This month, we have had the honor to interview the amazing photographer Joseph Rossbach and pick his brain about everything photography.

-As we continue to give stage to national parks, we have a wonderful article, from Heather Vopni, about Moraine Lake in Canada.

-We have all longed astro photography in our magazine and it finally happened. Gianni Krattli sent us a beautiful article and photos from his trip to Hawaii, where he photographed amazing images that you just can’t miss.

-If you have not submitted photos to our free contests you better get to it because the clock is ticking and the deadlines are near. We have contests about People, Mountains, Trees and Monochrome photography.
Lastly – we are happy to welcome a few new talented writers to our local team here in Los Angeles, California. You’ll be reading from them very soon. Next month we’ll give you a detailed introduction.



Photographer of the Month – Joseph Rossbach

This month, NOTINDOOR photographer of the month is Joseph Rossbach. He has been photographing the landscape for over fifteen years. Joe’s photographs and articles have appeared in books, calendars and magazines all over the world including Outdoor Photographer, The...

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Moraine Lake – Jewel of the Canadian Rockies

Article and photos by Heather Vopni The very first glimpse of the breathtaking, electric blue aura of Moraine Lake fully transcends all previous notions of how one would imagine this Canadian rocky mountain treasure to appear.  Like a virtual, liquid...

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Why We Like Black and White

Article and photos by Bill Dobbins Not all animals have very good or even any ability to see color. Birds have good color vision because it lets them see things like brightly color fruit against the background of a green jungle. Cats can only see color if the object...

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ND Filters – Friends of the Late Sleepers & Early to Bed

Article and photos by Allan Pudlitzke I can tell you the last time I was actually awake for a sunrise… It was winter and the sun was coming up around 8am and I was on my way to work… Other than that, I do have a hell of a time getting out of bed at a productive early...

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Hawaiian Sky Night

More than 12’000km away from home I discovered my pas- sion or as some people say, my obsession. The picture above is the very first photo of the Milky Way I’ve ever taken. I still have a smile on my face when I think back to this moment and how it changed my life. I...

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