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Moshe Levis

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July is here and with it a few international celebrations That happen on July 4th; The Independence Day and Richard Petty’s 200th NASCAR Winston cup race are just to name a couple.

This past few weeks we have been working very hard on bringing you amazing giveaways, contests, tips, tutorials and articles from all over the world and one of the ingredients that make such content possible is you. Keep up with sending us your amazing articles.

We are partnering up with a few remarkable photography Facebook groups to create a large network of professional and hobbyists photographers that can interact with each other and network worldwide. This will also get you extra inspiration and exclusive contest where you can win big and meaningful prizes.  Some of these groups are probably known to you and you’re maybe part of them, if not, go ahead and join them:

Now, we want to welcome and introduce to you, some of our new local talent that will be writing interesting and helpful content for you.

To sum it up, we have amazing plans and content for you this month, and don’t forget to check if you won any of our giveaways. It’s announced right here in this month’s issue.


Until the next time,

Moshe Levis and  the NOTINDOOR team

Landscape Photography to Me Is…

by Jevgenija Sitik Landscape photography for me is probably the most favorite and enjoyable shooting of a kind because at the same time as taking pictures I can relax the soul and enjoy the beauty that’s created by nature. Photographing the nature is incredible...

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Cloud Photography

by Indu Mohan “clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add colour to my sunset sky” – Rabindranath Tagore  Sky is an open canvas visible to all artistic minds. Clouds are the most dynamic component in the sky. They are...

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Portfolio – Joan Le Jan

I started the photo in August 2012 with pictures of nature, landscape and street. In March 2013 I wanted to try m portrait with a new bought lens, 135mm F2 Canon, I’m also enjoy to move to full frame with a Canon 6D. It was a revelation, I like cost emotions when they...

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Gear Review – Sigma Art 24-105 F 4 DG OS HSM

by Dirk Ross When i bought my Sony A 7s i didn’t know, that getting a everyday lens would be complicated. After a while of testing I realized that I wanted a Zoom lens beside to my A- Mount primes. Sony offers in the FE Class below the very good G Master lenses not...

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Ring of Fire – Photography Trip to Indonesia

by Irsam Soetarto INTRODUCTION  Indonesia country is part of continuous active “Ring of Fire”. Sometimes called “Circum Pacific Belt”, Ring of Fire is a term refer to the series active volcanoes that goes around Pacific ocean (from New Zealand, through Indonesia, up...

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People Make Places

by John Fredricks Every morning around 7am, light from the sun creeps through faded drapes in my West LA home and reflects off a 4x6 portrait of one of the most impressive people to have never made news headlines. Kumar was 11 or 12 years old when the photo was taken...

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How Can We Save Animals Through Photography?

by Steven Servantez The power of a photograph can be profound. Social and political change has occurred during history due to this powerful medium. The presentation of photographs can help tell a story, bring important issues to life and promote change in the...

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Why You Should Leave Los Angeles

by Luis D. Santana If you’re living in Los Angeles, pack everything you have and get out. Don’t look back, just go. Now. Okay, maybe I don’t need to be that dramatic, but you should leave. I’ve lived in Los Angeles all my life. I was born in Boyle Heights in 1989, and...

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