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Heidi Horvath is a professional Photographer that Captures IT……

Heidi is well experienced photographing Rock Stars, Actors, Celebrities, World Press Conferences, Nature, Weddings, Mitzvahs, Events, Portraits, Products and more.

Heidi is also a staff Photographer/Photojournalist for 4 online Music magazines, and has many of her photographs and articles published.

Early on in her life, visual creativity just flowed naturally and magically through her via the camera. From then, it continues.
She loves living by the Ocean in Southern California.

~ That exact moment, a feeling, a vibe, a look, and freezing it in time, is Heidi’s passion and inspiration! ~ She Captures IT..

What’s In Your Bag?
In my bag, I carry 2 camera bodies – both Nikon D300. Both with two different lenses mounted, and ready at any moment during a photo shoot. I have 2 Nikon SB-800 Camera Flash mounts with fresh AA batteries, and extra batteries on hand. I keep 2 extra charged batteries for both camera’s, just incase I need to change them out. I use a Nikon MB-D10 extra battery grip with one camera and one without. I carry about 4 memory cards – cleared- formatted and ready!
I have my lens cleaning kit – Pre moistened Zeiss wipes and soft cloths. If I have room I take my Hepa Jet II air blower. If not I have a travel one. If I am going away overnight I take my 2 battery power chargers. I have BIZ cards always in my bag!, Kleenex, wet wipes, snacks and lipstick. I try to keep it light but want to always be prepared, it’s so important.

Do You Have A Favorite Lens?
I have about 10 Lenses. But I have to say I love my 18-200mm AF-S DX Nikkor f/3.5-5.6G ED VR. This one just seems to do so much. It’s amazing. I love the shots this takes in any given situation! Macro to Zoom and portraits. It’s Great.

When Did You Start Photography?
I have always loved the camera, I was always the one taking photos on trips, family event’s, etc. My first formal training was in 1979. I took a Intro to Photography class. Back then, it was film cameras. We learned developing with the chemicals and washes and hanging to dry.. We were taught to take a photo with a Quaker Oats spiral box, that had a pin hole in it.. and yes it works! I was hooked. Self taught mostly from there on.

What Are Some of Your Favorite Photographers?
Annie Leibovitz, Andy Warhol, Imogen Cunningham, Ansel Adams and my friend Neil Zlozower. Also Los Angeles based Photographer – Ian Ruhter, whom does Wet Plate Photography, it’s so amazing, I’m in total awe!! All are so very fascinating in their own styles.

What Are Your Favorite Locations?
I Love shooting Nature, especially Macro detailed shots. I love being by the Beach. There is so much you can do with the water, splashes, drops in the air, waves, sunsets, it’s so natural and freeing. Birds flying are very fun to capture. I love Rock Concert Venues – for the ever challenging light changes and fast movements and the Music. My Studio is also my favorite location. There I can control lighting, the wind, and also do endless creativity with my Green Screen and backdrops.

What Are Your Future Photographic Plans?
hope to learn much more in the technical side of Photography. There is so much technology in the way of editing, for it’s continually growing by leaps and bounds. I would like a newer camera, but love what I have now. I hope to get involved in or on a big project of some sorts, or be in charge of something myself. I am very open to what transpires. Something very interesting, creative and meaningful. I have ideas of selling more of my large scale canvases of my work, and prints, and branching out into Stock Photography a bit. Mostly continue getting my photography works published.

What Advice Would You Give To Our Readers?
Just continue following your passion! Keep learning, learning, learning…… The ever changing digital age is moving forward very fast technically. Editing programs have so much you have to learn, keeping you creatively growing constantly. Getting your workflow down to a science is key. Take classes online, or taught by a successful photographer, read about photography, but mainly shoot what inspires you. Photography is so much about a feeling and capturing that. Even using a film camera again can teach you a lot. Connecting with people, artists and events keeps you in the loop and alive, and can give you ideas.

What Do You Want Your Viewers to Take Away From Your Work?
I would love it if my work touched them, in such a way as for them wanting to know – “Wow, Who took that?” I want them to remember me. I want the person viewing to feel that feeling, of that exact moment in time, as when I captured it. Photography has such power. I want to share that power in the many avenues of my photography.

Email Heidi4gigz@gmail.com

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