“What about doing wedding photography or family events? You can make really good money doing only that.”

This was the beginning of our, my wife and I, brainstorming of how to change my life and start making money from what I love most – photography.

A Shoulder to Cry On
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A Shoulder to Cry On – Moshe Levis

She was so excited to start talking about it and give me suggestions and ideas but I’m pretty sure I made her rethink that. For some reason, I came up with excuses and said no to many of the ideas. Maybe because I don’t want my passion for photography to fade by doing it for the “wrong” reasons.

The Streets of San Francisco
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The Streets of San Francisco – Moshe Levis

Note: I’m writing this article as I start my journey into the Real Estate Photography world.

No offense to any newlyweds or anyone who ever hosted parties and special events, but working with some people can be a soul crushing, passion killing, stress creating, life reducing – work.

I respect and admire all those who are doing wedding photography and actually enjoying it. Kudos to you. You are awesome!

After coming to the conclusion that I will probably hate photography and people if I were to take high pressure and stressful photography jobs, we both decided that maybe real estate, architecture and food photography would be the best approach for me towards creating a profitable photography business.


First Things First

To actually start building a good and high quality client database I have to start reaching out to real estate agents, movie producers, interior designers and contractors, asking them nicely and professionally to take photos of their property for my portfolio building purposes.  Of course, I will provide them with all the edited photos for free in exchange for the opportunity to build the portfolio and network with people in that industry.

How am I going to find people in the real estate industry? Piece of cake. A big yummy, chocolate cake!

Nowadays, many people know so many other people, which means that at least two people know at least one person that has some connection within the real estate industry. Confused? Makes sense. Point is – at least one of your electronic (Facebook, twitter, email) friends knows someone that can help you start your journey.

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Santa Maria Cathedral – Moshe Levis

If You Want to Shoot, Shoot Don’t Talk!

After finding several people that agreed to the exchange – free photos for them and portfolio building for you – it’s time to go out and actually do the job.  Many people say they’ll do something but for some reason get stuck and never get to it.

Remember Shia Labeouf’s video?! “Yesterday, you said tomorrow… So just do it!”

Go to the locations you and your new agent friend talked about and take the best damn photos you have ever taken of houses (interior and exterior) and make mama proud!


What’s next?

I have no idea yet.  I will come back in about a week with some new real estate photos, new website for the business and more experience and discuss it with you.

Have any questions or suggestions? Feel free to comment in the comments section.

Until then… Thank you for reading.

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