Float On, Stay Here

by Kimberly Linson

Camera: Canon T3i

In 2006, my Grandfather passed away in my arms. I remember when he looked at me with his last glance, grabbed my hand tightly, and let go. And in that grasp, all our moments ever in existence flashed by in one second. The day I stood here and poured him in this water, from this same cliff, I thought a lot about life and how it can wash away in an instant. I wondered if this was what he imagined at the end- his granddaughter opening the golden gates for him to float through…

10 years later, this week, I took my son to where I poured his ashes to introduce him to his first Great Grandson – and I took a picture of him. When the time comes that my boy asks about who his Great Grandpa is, I will show him this. This is him…

Sometimes a picture is just a pretty thing, and most other times, it is a bridge that we cross as we capture the feeling and have it as a visual to help explain to others that weren’t there.

With this photo, he can stay. This is my view of him floating away.

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