First Day of Winter


First Day of Winter

by Gianluca Federighi

It was first day of winter, I was working on my project, the earth, the sky and the water and i’d like to shot the sunrise in this beautiful lake in Trentino Alto Adige. To reach the location need about 4 hours driving from my house, I’d sleep in the car to be in location early and not lost the moment! In this work I entered into a symbiosis with the surrounding atmosphere, I want to reproduce it. At it’s best, becoming part of it, feeling it’s breath, its heart beats, to remains eated on earth,yet to swim in its waters, and to fly in its skies!

But the sunrise was not beautiful, there was a lot of fog, then I decide to wait and after a while the fog start to disappear and the lake give me the shot I want! I used a tripod and some neutral density filters (are always in my bag) to slow the shooting time and I use the best equipment,  so I shoot with medium format camera.

We live in a very stressful world, we always have to be on time, life is full of  deadlines and target, we should stop for a moment and take time to think and raise our environmental awareness. I like to create image like this which will growingly become a representation of our planet, not polluted, but respected and preserved.

I’m a freelance photographer based in Tuscany, I love the nature and American native, I’ve a lot of photo project and I learn photography and make workshop. I also sell my Fine Art Photos.

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