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Moshe Levis
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First Words

February is going to be a great month. I know it. Not only because it’s the month of my birthday, but this year, many other people will be able to cele- brate their birthdays on the 29th. Happy birthday to all of you.

With every new month, I get to come up with some pretty cool topics for our writers, photogra- phers and readers, to write about. It’s one of my favorite things as the chief editor. The other thing I really love is to put everything together into one big and beautiful piece of art, every month. See- ing the magazine coming to life is really satisfying. I feel lucky, and I want to thank you all – our photographers, writers and readers – for that.

For Our Special Edition – we got you the best deal in the world for the best workshop in the world with one of the best portrait photographers in the world, Sean Archer Photography. If you Google him you’ll immediately find stunning portraits of beautiful models. You’ll know it’s him 😉

As part of our special edition issue we got Sean Archer to give you a live workshop that usually costs about $300, for a lot less. You won’t find it anywhere else! If you’re already familiar with his work you and want to know his secrets, don’t wait for too long. Get the special edition issue before it’s gone!

This month, we have a few awesome prizes for you and we would love to gift them to the winners.

Photo of the Month contest – A monthly contest where one photographer, who is a member of our NOTINDOOR Facebook group gets: his/hers photograph published in our magazine on a full spread (and is the first picture in the magazine issue), publication on our magazine website, a pinned post in our Facebook group, a shout out to our email subscribers and $200 in cash prize! To find out who’s the this month’s winner you’ll have to flip through the pages.

Our first photo contest – NOTINDOOR Photo Contest #1 – A photo contest that is open to all photographers anywhere in the world. We have prizes worth over $600 for you so go check it out right now. The deadline is at the end of February. Submit Your Photos Now!

Super Awesome Giveaway – we are giving away a Nikon D810 and a Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 lens! Until next month, just remember – Amazing things happen, when you’re NOTINDOOR!


Photographing Birds In Flight

Featured image: Steven Servantez Photographing birds in flight can be challenging.  From slow flying cranes to darting hummingbirds, all require different techniques to guarantee success. The more you know about a species behavior and habits, the more successful...

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A Year In the Munchenstein Forest

Featured image: Patricia Bates Munchenstein Forest: Connecting to the source at the age of knowledge and technology As our cities continue to grow and expand, modern technology connects us instantly to each other around the globe and social media amuses and entertains...

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72 Hours In Iceland

Featured image: Sebastian Degardin Iceland had been on my list of locations to visit for a very long time. Early this year, when I decided to make the transition from commercial and beauty to outdoor and wildlife photography, I immediately booked a trip to this...

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Journey to Macro of Food

Featured image: Indu M. Food is an obsession. Every aspect of creating and photographing food is amazing. Actually it is a balance between creativity and originality. You can see it everywhere; in advertisement, magazines, cookery books and in restaurant menus. Even a...

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Portfolio – Ionut Caras

Featured image: Ionut Caras My mane is Caras Ionut and I’m a family man. I’m almost 38 years old, married and have a little angel, Ioana. She’s almost 4 and half years old. Beside all this, I’m a simple man, who loves his family and life and I’m grateful for what God...

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Wow! What A Body!

Featured image: courtesy of Nikon At the beginning of the year Nikon announced a new powerhouse. The D5, Nikon’s new FX format, full frame monster features plenty to be excited about if you are a serious photographer, equipment junkie, or just a plain pro. A superb...

read more – Ryan Dyar and the Dream Team

Featured image: Ryan Dyar Ryan Dyar, a Seattle based landscape juggernaut stopped in to give us a bit of information on a photography project he has teamed up on. The team features a dream-team cast of traveling photographers such as Marsel Van Oosten, Daniellla...

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On Top of the World At Last

Featured image: Viktoria Haack My journey into photography started approximately 12 years ago when I lived on a small island in the UK. I began photographing my local environment and shared my work through social media, here also finding inspiration through the work...

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Face Off

Featured image: Sean Archer Photography Have you seen the movie Face Off, with John Travolta and Nicholas Cage? Do you remember the name of one of the lead characters? Yeah, Sean Archer! Did you know he’s real? Did you know he’s a photographer? Did you know he’s an...

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Photographer of the Month – Julia Shlomenzon

Featured image: Julia Shlomenzon This month, our photographer of the month is a very talented young woman from Israel. Get to Know Julia NI: Can you please tell us a little about yourself? JS: I’m Julia I’m 27 years old and live in Israel. I was born in Kazakhstan and...

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You Gotta Fight For Your Right to Photo?

So before I become the scapegoat of any legal ramifications from our reader’s photography, I would like to clarify that I am not a lawyer, nor a judge, and do not wish to give anyone the perception that I am capable of representing you in a court of law regarding...

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Northern Lights In Iceland

Featured image: Dagur Jonsson The northern lights season is one the most wonderful time of the year in Iceland. The season from late September to late March or early April is the time of the year when the nights in the far north are finally dark enough for aurora...

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The Shining Lights

Featured image: Allan Pudlitzke As the river carves its way through the jagged rock faces, the sun beams through the opening in the tree line. It’s cold, damp, and windy. The water roars downstream as the serene pool cascades into the rocky rapids heading for the...

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500px, Photographer’s Best Friend?

Featured image: Colors of Faith by Devesh Tripathi IS 500PX THE BEST PLACE FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS? From its launch in 2009, 500px has been synonymous with quality, attracting strong participation from professional photographers and serious hobbyists around the world. The...

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A Good Photograph The Bystander POV

by Natanel Levis I believe that a good photographer should be called a capturer, instead, because he captures moments. These moments can be absolutely random just as they can be meticulously planed to the finest of details; time, place, camera settings etc. I...

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Forest Service Volunteer

by Michael Wick There are many different types photographers in the world and we all can help keep the environment clean. I ‘m one of millions of Landscape Photographer and I spend a lot of time in nature and wilderness environments. As a landscape photographer we...

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I Love Insects

by Steven Servantez Closer, closer, closer. Photographing insects via macro photography can be fun, frustrating and educational. A new set of skill sets must be mastered to get the perfect shot. Understanding your camera and lenses is essential to appreciate your new...

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I Am The Wife of A Photographer

by Candace Couture-Pudlitzke So, what is it like to be a photographer’s wife? It depends of course on the kind of photography your spouse does, mine mainly does landscape. For me that means a lot of travel, exploration and a little adventure. Fortunately for me, I...

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The Long Wait

by Ed Morris When is a good day to capture an image? Well, there’s no such thing as a bad day. That’s how I approach my photography. When I’m out and about I’m always on the lookout for perhaps a sudden change in the light, the interplay of light and shade, the...

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This Covered – Gallery Review

by Indu M. What makes an art gallery momentous? Is it the sheer size of the place or magnanimity of the artists involved? Do we want to boast about the prime location of the gallery or about its vibrant history? May be, more than any of these, should the social impact...

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Losing My Macro Virginity

by Moshe Levis A reverse ring? What the hell is a reverse ring? Was my initial reaction when I fisrt heard someone using that term. I remember, a couple of years after I started shooting more “professionaly”, seeing a lot of macro shots on websites like 500px and...

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