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by Niaz Uddin

Niaz: Thank you, Jude, for taking the time to join us at ‘Not Indoor Photography’. We are thrilled to have you.
Jude: Hey Niaz thanks for having me.

Niaz: You are a self-taught photographer and artist based out of California. Your body of work is profoundly layered by aerial, astro, seascapes, landscape and cityscape. At the beginning of our interview, can you please tell us more about yourself?
Jude: I’m a california native currently residing in San Francisco. I have always loved art, music and anything creative.

Niaz: How did you get started with photography?
Jude: It all started for me around 2 1/2 years ago when I started taking photos of my friends skateboarding and so I had to learn my camera. Shortly after I started doing astro and landscape which is when I became obsessed.

Niaz: What is your core inspiration? Is there any other discipline that you’re passionate about and also that has huge impact on your work?
Jude: my inspiration comes from many things but what inspires me the most is to realize what I can do and to see how far I can push forward. I feel completely confident in what I am doing and also believe it is what I am supposed to be doing with my life.

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