Exclusive Interview with The G2 Gallery

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Environmental awareness is essential to keeping what we have left of the ecosystem intact. It all begins by giving the public access to perspectives they may not have thought of. There are a variety of meaningful ways to bring that perspective to the masses.

The G2 Gallery, in Venice, California, specializes in the cura- tion of nature and wildlife photography. The tastefully select- ed pieces are showcased in a quaint, second story loft-space along the famous Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

NOTINDOOR Correspondent, Cori Snelson, sat down with Monika Basse, curator for the gallery. Monika was kind enough to shed some light on what makes The G2 Gallery unique, and what the gallery as a whole, stand for.

The following is a video of the interview

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The World of Lenses

When asked to write this article, I found myself thinking there is so much to write about. I enjoy shooting many types of Photography. Shooting from Macro shots to Concerts, and many things in between, I enjoy the challenges of the different situations. Owning also a Studio that has Green Screen, which holds another interesting world of endless creativity with backgrounds.

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