Ered Nimrais


Ered Nimrais

by Riccardo Masut

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Camera: Nikon D810
Focal Length:
 1.8 sec
Aperture: f/14
ISO: 250

The Falzarego Pass is a high mountain pass in the province of Belluno, Italy. The name “Falza Rego” means False King in Ladin and refers to a King of The Fanes who was supposedly turned to stone for betraying his people. A gondola rises to The Lagazuoi (2762 m) which was the object of heavy combat and mine warfare in World War I. The tunnel that the Italians built under the Austrian lines is open to the public.

This is one of my last pictures caught through the Dolomities and one of my favorite landscapes subjects.  The Falzarego Pass is two hours from my home in Treviso. When I was go there at 5 pm, just before the sunset, it was cloudy but at the end of the day, few minutes before the sunset, a beautiful light come out from the valley. The scene looks a lot like a part of the book “The Lord of The Rings”, a big source of inspiration for me and my works.

The Falzarego Pass normally is a quite place. But when winter season comes, a lot of people will play ski there. I walked about an hour to reach the place where I took the picture. I was shooting with a Nikon D810 , 15-30 Tamron lens at 15mm ISO 250, f/14, 1.8 secs.

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