City of Angels


City of Angels

by Anushka Eranga

It’s a way not easy to wake up so early in the morning but it was not a normal day for me and my friends. We already noted on the next morning day, Dubai will be amazing with dense fog. So we got arranged access to one of the best location in Dubai to shoot, and it was the difficult part too.

It was a cold night when we were on the top and I think it’s more than 72 floors which pretty enough to watch whole Dubai and shoot. My favorite body Sony A7II + Ziess 16+35 was ready in my back pack with few filters and accessories.

Once I choose my place on top, I put my camera on tripod and keep clicking. This shot has been bracketed and Blended manually in PS. I also used Google NIK for color toning As I always love to give a my own dramatic feeling to the image. I must say The Luminosity mask did a pretty good job and I used it to dodge and burn some areas as it has added some exceptional look to the final image.

Finally, I named it as “City of Angels”, what an amazing at Dubai Down Town!

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