cable car drop off mlw
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The Dreamer:

Alexander A. Scotsman, Belgium, have never been to San Francisco and (for reasons that can’t be disclosed) may never will.  Alexander contacted me, asking to take a certain picture for him. Something he could hang and see every day.

The Dream:

Alexander wanted a photograph that will always remind him why he loves San Francisco so much (which he chose not to share even with me). He mentioned that the cable car MUST be in the picture. He wanted the photograph to look like personal, something that landscape photographed don’t offer much. He wanted beautiful vibrant colors. The most important element in his request was that he wanted to feel like he was there.

The Adventure:

In order to take this picture I had to go to San Francisco and think of the best way I could capture Alexander’s vision. After a few days of capturing the San Francisco beauty (Powell street, market street, bay bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, city scape and more) this was the picture he had chosen.

And to make sure he would feel like he was there I printed it on a very large scale. 45″x67″

This is now a limited edition of only 5, +2 artist proof.

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