Hands of Hope


Hands of Hope

by Gabriel Gomez

It was noon in Easter week and I went out with my grandma and my photography teacher by that time. We decided to go out to find some nice portraits of people on the street, but we really weren’t looking for something. This time, as many others, we wanted to be surprise by everything who crossed our way. So, walking around we found this homeless guy who didn’t say much really, he just ask me for some change and I gave him my drink and some money I had in my pocket then I ask him politely if it was okay to take a picture of him, he said it was okay so I point him a spotlight in the sidewalk. He sat down quietly over the hood of a car that was parked there for quite a while.

Eventually, I looked at his face and I did some headshots. His face was quite sad, I wanted to know his story but I remember he didn’t want to talk much so I kept forward with photos. Suddenly I saw his hands posed over his knees and I stopped him before he walked away, I framed a couple of times before I decided which one convinced me the most, I stepped back a bit and I took the photo.

I’ve been taking photos since I was 18 years old and I’ve been loving portraits since then. At the beginning I thought por- traits requires a face, and expression that can actually tell you something, feel something, but know that I’m 22 years old, I learned that you that you can tell the story of anybody with fragments of their body or his/her surroundings. So, even though he didn’t tell me much I can have an idea of how hard his life has been or the situation he has been through, makes me understand that sometimes you don’t need words to communicate just look.

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