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Dutch Colors

In the Netherlands, there are some locations that a very famous amongst photographers. Reitdiephaven in Groningen is one of them…

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Universe Guardian

I had the chance to take this picture last year during the Milky Way season. I head up there with a clear idea of what and how to shoot this image…

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Black Tower

The Tre Cime di Lavaredo , also called the Drei Zinnen , are three distinctive battlement-like peaks, in the Sexten Dolomites of…

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The Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

The Jatiluwih is a famous place as best place to see rice fields in Bali and it has been appointed as one of UNESCO World Heritages. On Sunday, I left…

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This shoot happened in September during my holidays. I usually shoot at home or in a studio, so traveling away from Paris…

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Under The Banyan Tree

This photo is very memorable for me because has been chosen for exhibition in Bali. The picture tells the story of the…

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The Lonely Boats

The Lonely Boats by Jason Mordecai Instagram Facebook he lonely boats were shot in Snowdonia at the lake called Llyn Nantlle or Lake Nantlle in English. At that time, a friend and I drove up to Snowdonia National park which is approximately 4 hours...

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Rose by Tomer Ofri Website Facebook Page his image was taken in The Winter of 2016 at The Northern of "The Dead Sea", the lowest spot on the earth. One of kind the sea with a high concentration of salt mixed with a variety of valuable minerals....

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Polar Steam

Polar Steam by Charles Cormier Facebook Website Focal Length: 220mm Shutter: 1/500 sec Aperture: f/8 woke up on frigid Friday morning in December and nearly turned my alarm off and went back to sleep. I knew it was cold enough for 'sea smoke', but...

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City of Angels

City of Angels by Anushka Eranga Website Facebook Instagram t's a way not easy to wake up so early in the morning but it was not a normal day for me and my friends. We already noted on the next morning day, Dubai will be amazing with dense fog. So...

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Ered Nimrais

Ered Nimrais by Riccardo Masut Facebook Page 500px Camera: Nikon D810 Focal Length: 15mm Shutter: 1.8 sec Aperture: f/14 ISO: 250 he Falzarego Pass is a high mountain pass in the province of Belluno, Italy. The name “Falza Rego” means False King in...

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Arwen’s Bridge

Arwen's Bridge by Inge Bovens Image on 500px Facebook Page Camera: Nikon D750 Focal Length: 135mm Shutter: 0.6 sec Aperture: f/11 ISO: 100   fter a freezing cold night when the sun was not up yet, I got in my car and drove to this particular...

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Sunday Morning Dream

Sunday Morning Dream by Dan Wheeler Website Camera: Nikon D810 Focal Length: 19mm Shutter: 1.6 sec Aperture: f/16 ISO: 100 his is photo was taken in Yosemite Valley on one of my Photography Workshops I hold there on a regular basis. This morning...

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Phantasm by Daniel Greenwood Website Facebook his image here known as “Phantasm” depicts the very essence of my creative vision. At the time of capturing this image, I was still quite new with my camera. I back when I got my first full frame Canon...

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Rebirth by Anthony Million Website 500px Google+ Youtube Facebook Page Shutter: 1/20 sec Aperture: f/11 ISO: 50 had this image in mind since a while before shooting and editing it. My processing was almost evidence and I was extremely excited to go...

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First Day of Winter

First Day of Winter by Gianluca Federighi Website Facebook Instagram t was first day of winter, I was working on my project, the earth, the sky and the water and i’d like to shot the sunrise in this beautiful lake in Trentino Alto Adige. To reach...

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The Famous Dubai Fog

The Famous Dubai Fog by Mohamad Rustam Azmi Website Facebook 500px Focal Length: 17mm Shutter: 13 sec Aperture: f/8 ISO: 200 Tripod: Manfrotto CXpro3   his Picture shows the Dubai Downtown area Covered in Fog.  It is one most amazing scene to...

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Scuba Stars Diving

Scuba Stars Diving by Leonardo Guglielmo Papera Facebook fter a long and cold winter in the heart of the Italian Apennines, finally in April the ice was starting to melt and so I decide to return in one of my favorite places of those mountains, The...

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Dreamland by Martin Podt 500px Facebook Focal Length: 109.6mm Shutter: 1/5 sec Aperture: f/11 ISO: 100  really like shooting forests and tree lined road, and normally I only go out when the light conditions are right. During a morning in spring...

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Thangorodrim by Enrico Fossati Facebook Page The image on 500px Flickr Instagram his picture is a side view of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, in The Italian Dolomites and the day when I have shoot this images was a day during a...

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White Magic

White Magic by Inge Bovens Image on 500px Facebook Page Focal Length: 82mm Shutter: 1/5 sec Aperture: f/9 ISO: 100  woke up early on Monday morning. I looked out the window and the world was covered in a blanket of snow. I woke up my boyfriend, and...

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Chasing Stars

Chasing Stars by Cameron Preston Shutter: 25 sec Aperture: f/2.8 ISO: 2500 henever someone starts photography they have that dream photo they want to catch but they don't have the experience or proper gear to do so. For me this is that photo. I...

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Nights by the Lake

Nights by the Lake by Allan Pudlitzke Camera: Canon 60D think we all tend to fall into the trap of abiding by the techniques of others... We slip into this uncontrollable desire to gain the satisfaction of the viewer and fail to inter- pret the...

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Float On, Stay Here

Float On, Stay Here by Kimberly Linson Camera: Canon T3i n 2006, my Grandfather passed away in my arms. I remember when he looked at me with his last glance, grabbed my hand tightly, and let go. And in that grasp, all our moments ever in existence...

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Hands of Hope

Hands of Hope by Gabriel Gomez t was noon in Easter week and I went out with my grandma and my photography teacher by that time. We decided to go out to find some nice portraits of people on the street, but we really weren’t looking for something....

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Flower Sun

Flower Sun by Pirro Chiara Shutter: 1/50 sec Aperture: f/20 ISO: 400 y name is pirro chiara and i love photography, above all, macro photography! When my garden flowers bloom, I have fun with macro photography! When the drops are not formed, I add...

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Above The Sky

Above the Sky by Mauricio Jose Reis www.mreisphotography Camera: 5D MK III Focal Length: 35mm Shutter Speed: 1 sec Aperture: f/8 ISO: 100 Location: Manteigas, Serra da Estrela, Portugalt's not easy to get up and go out of bed up early, but for...

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Tolovana Beach

Tolovana Beach by Allan Pudlitzke Focal Length: 73mm Shutter: 1/400 sec Aperture: f/9 ISO: 200 hile recently takin a trip down to the Oregon Coast, we decided to stop off and shoot a few locations around Cannon Beach. Cannon Beach is typically...

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Luminance by Scott McCook www.Scott McCook Page Camera: Nikon D810 Lens: 14-24mm @ 16mm Shutter Speed: 4 sec Aperture: f/13 ISO: 100 Location: New Zealand rom the minute I laid eyes on Mt. Cook I knew we had to get out there and shoot it. I don’t o...

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Disappearing Farmland and Clouds

Disappearing Farmland and Clouds by Marc Thomas Camera: Canon 40D Lens: Ef-S 17-18mm Shutter Speed: 1/80 sec Aperture: f/10 ISO: 100 Location: Austin, Texas entral Texas is a quickly changing place. This was taken about 10 minutes from downtown...

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Rising by David Hinnen Camera: Nikon D7100 Lens: 24-70mm @ 24mm Shutter: 60 seconds Aperture: f/2.8 ISO: 200 Location: Wehr, Germany rtificial lake generated by a dam in Wehr, Germany. An image from February with quite a story...

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