NOTINDOOR is a free online photography magazine that is perfect for any photography lover and photographer. It is the one magazine for anyone wanting to get more from their Digital SLR, Phone cameras and film cameras. A good read for amateur, advance and professional photographers. While learning about your camera, how to use it and different photography techniques you get to enjoy stories about successful photographers, learn to improve from photo critiques, get updated on the latest news, experience breathtaking photographs, learn how to sell your own photographs and more.

NOTINDOOR will keep you inspired, creative and informed.

It’s a must have magazine for anyone who is about photography in any kind of way: photographers, buyers and hobbyists.

It is where every landscape and fine art photographer and photography enthusiast want to showcase their work.


Short Term:

  1. NOTINDOOR wants to have a full time local staff working on the magazine and perfecting it every day, bringing our readers the most interesting articles (we have a few awesome exclusive interview surprises for you).
  2. Teaching beginners/advanced photographers using their cameras and perfecting their techniques.
  3. Be known all over the US.
  4. Send our first magazine issue to our subscribers by December 1st and pay all of our contributors.

Long Term:

  1. Make donations to the National Park organizations, ocean cleaning organizations and wildlife organizations that we support.
  2. Dedicated NOTINDOOR application for iPads and Macs.
  3. Open at least 1 photo gallery, in Los Angeles, to showcase and sell our contributors’ works.
  4. Own real estate for the magazine
  5. Create a charitable foundation for youths while training them to become photographers.
  6. Larger Team.
    And more!



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