ISSUE #5 – APRIL 2016

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Moshe Levis
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First Words

Let me start by saying that we almost couldn’t publish this issue. 

And no, it is not an April’s fools joke.

On March 20th our computers got stolen, along with an iPad Air 2. That iPad saveed us all. Haha. Long story short (very short) we were able to track the iPad and found all of our stolen itmes. The theives are in jail now. Happy ending (for us).

As you will see in this issue, we have improved a few things in the magazine. We’ll keep on perfecting it as much as possible in order to take NOTINDOOR magazine to the top of the world.

We are very happy to tell you about our two very talented new local writers who will get you fresh and interesting articles in the magazine and on our website’s blog (news, gear etc). These writers are: John Fredricks and Erick Monrrigo

A couple of weeks ago, we have sent you an exciting email that we are going to give a try to  printed copies of our magazine. We offered 20-50 free copies, so we simply asked our readers who’s interested and the response was actually overwhelming! We got hundreds of requests from readers around the world. Everybody wants a copy!

That is one of the reasons we are working on a new crowdfunding campaign. A campaign that can defenitely include many of our readers, so stay tuned.

As we keep growing our magazine we are going to put more focus towards helping our planet Earth. We want to do whatever it takes to help our planet heal from what we have all done to it. If you are interested in writing articles that relate to that topic, feel free to let us know. The word must spread, from ear to ear, through billions of people. Hopefully we’ll make a difference.

O’ and guess what. We have winner announcements! Yup! The first contest of NOTINDOOR was a succesful one, with hundreds of beautiful and meaningful images. The panel of judges had to think very hard. 

Congratulations to the winners. You’ll find them in this issue 😉


Until the next time,

Moshe Levis and  the NOTINDOOR team


Street Photography

Featured image: Jacob Merrill Article by Jacob Merrill At first I started photography as a hobby to kill time and a way to get myself out of the house. Now it has become my passion. Originally I was drawn to lifestyle photography, people and fashion were the big two...

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Conceptual Small World

Featured image: Indu M Article by Indu M “No place is boring, if you have a good night’s sleep and have a pocket full of unexposed film.”   Robert Adams. Select an object and subtract all possible elements of reality from its image; if is it still interesting or...

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Shooting Figures In Landscape

Featured image: Bill Dobbins Landscape photography has a long tradition in the history of photography.  19th century photographers loved shooting landscapes in part because they required long exposures and mountains don’t move.  At least, not ordinarily.  Ansel Adams...

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Small Wonders of Nature

Featured image: Vishpala Kadam Article by Vishpala Kadam Small wonders of nature inspire us in a big way. This sentence well defines the power of macro photography! It is incredible, how macro photography shows the small wonders of nature in life size. Macro...

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Conquest or on the Ethics of Photography

Featured image: AP photographer Eddie Adams Article by: Erick Monrrigo To what lengths would you go to take a meaningful photograph, a photograph that said more than any story could? In the era of online photography, taking a meaningful photograph—that is, one which...

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It’s All In Their Eyes

Featured image: Steven Servantez “It’s all in their eyes!” This quote was one of the first lessons I learned when I started shooting portraits. “Always focus on the eyes.” The eyes are the single most important feature of any great portrait. They can be the focal...

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Why Capturing Portraits Is Important, To Me

Featured image: Kathy Newcomer Time moves so quickly, almost as if on a speeding train that has no brakes. Sometimes it seems as if you blink and you wonder what happened to your childhood. Then you marry and have children, and before you know it they’ve grown and are...

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Take A Ride on the Chuck Wagon

Featured image: Chuck Fazio Interview with Chuck Fazio, Artist-in-Residence to American Forests by Allan Pudlitzke A brief run down. Chuck is a big deal! He is the first ever Artist-in-Residence for American Forests, the nation’s big brother, and oldest of all...

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Around the World I Go Part 2 – Orlando

Featured image: Katherine Kifa Article by Katherine Kifa I came to the US for 1.5 months to see East Coast, West Coast and a bit of the North. My first stop was Miami (you can read about it in Part 1 in the March issue of NOTINDOOR). After a couple of days there I...

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How To – Concert Photography Tutorial

Featured image: Roberto Pavic Shooting concerts is really tricky thing because lights change all the time, action is on different parts of the stage (and sometimes in the crowd) and you want to capture every single moment. Most of the concerts I’m shooting are heavy...

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Gear Review – Gitzo GT2531EX Tripod Plus

Featured image: Peter Vanderhoof Article by Peter Vanderhoof Professional Photographer, landscape, cityscape and night photography are preferred shooting. First darkroom, 1974, age 16... love the creativity of digital. As an old photographer, I still love my tools,...

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