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Exclusive interview with Andrei Duman

Portfolio – Victoria Krundysheva

Winter Wonderland of Alaska

Silent Day in Bali

Wildlife – Things Beginners Should Know

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Photographer Files Copyright Claim, Sues Getty for $1 Billion

Earlier this week, Getty Images was hit with a lawsuit by highly regarded photographer Carol M. Highsmith. The suit, which claims copyright infringement on 18,755 photographs, amounts to the sum of $1 billion. As first reported by PDNPulse, the 70-year-old Highsmith...

Grace’s Places – Porter Sculpture Park

Porter Sculpture Park - Montrose, South Dakota On the side of the road in southeastern South Dakota, I stumbled upon a unique sculpture park. I saw the top of these horns from a mile down the road and needed to stop. When I arrived, I discovered this “Bull Head”. It’s...

Lightroom Mobile Update Includes Raw Editing for iOS

In a recent blog post, Adobe highlighted changes to Lightroom Mobile for both iOS and Android platforms in an attempt to bridge the gap between mobile post-processing and its traditional counterparts. The updates differ between the two operating systems. With the iOS...

A Refugees Boat – Why This Shot Works – A Case Study

The year is 1947, and spirits are high. It’s been two years since the end of the second World War and New York is in the midst of a revitalization period. The economic boost that came from industrial wartime efforts raised the status of the city to make it one of the...

El Paraguas Rojo



Alberto’s photograph won him the following prizes:

L Bracket for his camera
Month placement here and in magazine
Showcase his photo via our newsletters.

Will you be the next winner? Submit your photo to our group today.
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Have you seen the movie Face Off, with John Travolta and Nicholas Cage? Do you remember the name of one of the lead characters? Yeah, Sean Archer! Did you know he’s real? Did you know he’s a photographer? Did you know he’s an amazing photographer?

Well, he’s not THAT real, but portrait photographer, Stanislav Puchkovsky, created Sean Archer Photography.

He’s big on 500px and pretty much all over the world, so why not learning from him, right?

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Exclusive Interview - Bryan Adams

Canadian rocker Bryan Adams is one of the best selling art- ists of all time. Since the early 1980s he has toured the globe and sold over 100 million albums worldwide. His list of hit songs include: “Cuts Like A Knife,” “Heaven,” “Run To You.” “Somebody,” “All For Love,” “Cuts Like A Knife” and dozens more. In 2015 Bryan Adams continues to make important new music. His most recent is the brilliant Jeff Lynne pro- duced CD: “Get Up.”

Away from the music, Bryan Adams is an avid photographer with three…

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Exclusive Interview - Jude Allan

Niaz: Thank you, Jude, for taking the time to join us at ‘Not Indoor Photography’. We are thrilled to have you.
Jude: Hey Niaz thanks for having me.

Niaz: You are a self-taught photographer and artist based out of California. Your body of work is profoundly layered by aerial, astro, seascapes, landscape and cityscape. At the beginning of our interview, can you please tell us more about yourself?
Jude: I’m a california native currently residing in San Francisco. I have always loved art, music and anything creative.

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Exclusive Interview - Lara Zankoul

This month our Photographer of the Month is an amazing creative photographer Lara Zankoul. If you are not familiar with her works you should definitely be.

NID: Please tell us a little about yourself.
LZ: I’m a 27 year old who loves chocolate, is not a morning person, and is always dreaming…

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Exclusive Interview, Joseph Rossbach

He has been photographing the landscape for over fifteen years. Joe’s photographs and articles have appeared in books, calendars and magazines all over the world including Outdoor Photographer, The Nature Conservancy, Digital Photo, Photo Techniques, Popular Photography, Blue Ridge Country and many more.

He is a co-author and contributing photographer two print books, The Ultimate Guide to Digital Nature Photography and 50 Amazing Things You Must See and Do in the Greater D.C.

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lightroom presets

AFL Dramatic B&W

AFL Dramatic Skies


The first thing you need to know is that this gallery is planned to be international, meaning, photographers from all over the world will be able to send (or let us print) their images for a gallery show here in Los Angeles.

NOTINDOOR has more than 15,000 subscribers and email subscribers and growing. Therefore we figured, why won’t we open an awesome gallery for all of our readers and photographers?

photos from our members

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